Changing Makeup with the Seasons

As the seasons change the change our skincare, clothing, even our accessories like bags and shoes.  We even change our color of makeup like lipsticks or eye shadow but we don’t change our makeup when our skin changes during the seasons.  You may need to or not and if you’re one of the lucky ones, good for you.  But what if your summer foundation wasn’t as effective in the fall or winter season?  You may need to switch a few things to keep your complexion glowing and looking fabulous all year long.

Here are some reasons why maybe you should think about changing your makeup:

  • Switch powdered highlighter as an blushes to creamier versions to get aid dewy look
  • For drier skin types find a moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer if you want a more natural look, to give you that extra boost of moisture
  • When it comes to powders, depending on your skin type we all need a powder to set the makeup and finish the look. There are powders that are moisturizing so it doesn’t fall into fine lines or look cakey.
  • Consider long wearing or waterproof eye makeup like mascara or liners if you’re like me and your eyes tend to water up like mine when it’s cold and windy.
  • And if your lips are like mine and they tend to dry up, think about wearing moisturizing gloss and lipsticks vs. The long wearing ones that tend to dry up your lips.
  • GLITTER! Wear it during the holidays or wear it every day.  Hehehe

This season I will be sticking to my Dior air flash foundation.  But my glosses, eyeliner and my powder will be changing.  I did do a review on this foundation before so I will link it in this article below.  My skin has changed and it feels tight and dehydrated so I just need to change a few things around.  I’d tend not to wear too much eye makeup as my eyes water up when it’s colder.  But one thing that will never change is me wearing my sunscreen.  Always no matter what wear your sunscreen, you may not burn, but the sun still comes out and even if it’s a cloudy day the sun is right behind those clouds.

Thank you for reading this article this week and I’ll see you soon.  Have a good day my beauties!

My 2 Current Foundations: Review


Sheet Masks Vs. Mask in a Jar: Which one do you prefer?

sheet masks vs. masks

Masks are not just at the spa anymore.  Today you can find masks of all kinds, sheet masks starting from $2.00 and up and even your classic mask in a jar can start from $10.00 and up.  And every one of every skin type can benefit from a relaxing mask once a week.  Now is the fun part of finding the right mask for you.  The mask world has only gotten bigger and will continue to because of the Korean skincare craze.

When I first started in the beauty industry, you were only able to buy a jar of your favorite mask.  For me it was easy, I bought a clay mask for my super oily skin.  But what if you had skin that changed with the season?  You obviously have to buy a new jar of mask.  Which isn’t a huge issue but you would probably have some left over from your other mask that you say you used in the summer but can use in the winter and by the following year that same that mask that you used last summer was probably not good.

That’s why when a few years ago when the whole korean skincare craze came over to Canada and sheet masks started getting more popular, it was a lot easier to choose a mask that would help you figure out what you should be using.

I’ve only started using sheet masks since last year, because my skin started changing.  I wasn’t sure what to use during the cooler seasons because I would always use a clay mask all year round.  That’s why I got interested in buying several different sheet masks to see what I could use before committing to a jar of a mask that I can actually use.  Sheet masks saved my skin and also helped me make a sound decision to buying my first ever hydrating mask in a jar.

I’m really glad that this part of the skincare industry has gotten a bit easier to choose a mask.  It makes my life and I’m sure yours easier to figure out treatment mask for your skin type whenever it is.  Because to me skincare is very personal and you have to make a good decision about it because you will be committed to that skincare for few months for more.  So while there might be more choices in masks, at least those choices can be made by purchasing a sheet mask or a jar of your favorite mask.

I’ve seen the skincare industry change and change for the better.  There is more choices than ever before and I do love choices. So when you go pick out your next great mask, the only thing you have to ask yourself “do I want a sheet mask or a good jar of one maske?”

Until next week my beauties, have a good day!


Drugstore Makeup Reivew: L’oreal Infalliable Pro Glow Concealer


L'oreal infalliable pro glow concealerFor many years now I’ve had the privilege of using luxury makeup, because I would receive them as gifts, training sessions and if companies sent us many testers over time I would give them to my colleagues and myself to try them out.  How are you gonna know if their good products are not?  But in the last few years, I’ve seen many changes but good ones to the makeup that is more affordable.  So it got me thinking that maybe I should mix it up and start trying drugstore makeup.

Plus being on a budget helps to make my decision a lot easier to start mixing it up with high-end makeup and affordable makeup.  Because we all know it can get expensive with makeup, especially when you’re a makeup junkie like me.  Plus it would also be great to know what is out there in the drugstore brands that you can go too when you don’t want to spend a lot of money or you have that makeup emergency and you can’t get to your favorite store to get your $50.00 foundation or that $30.00 mascara.  So here is my review on the L’oreal concealer.

L’oreal infallible pro glow concealer

So for my first drug mart makeup brand purchase I went with this concealer ‘cause my makeup forever concealer was running out.  L’oreal has recently launched the whole pro series, targeting oily skin and normal to dry skin, at least that’s what it looks like.  I do like that they are targeting certain skin types which gives me more choices.

This concealer goes for $12.99 retail value and what it supposed to do is give you a buildable and luminous coverage for up to 16 hours.  It helps to highlight, sculpt, correct and conceal imperfections as well.  All the while brightening your complexion to give you that awesome glow that we all deserve.

I have always been a L’oreal fan.  My first product from them was the voluminous mascara which I still love to this day.  So I did have some expectations that it would be decent enough concealer to use.  After using the makeup forever high coverage concealer, I wasn’t expecting it to be like that because that is a totally different concealer from this L’oreal one.

L'oreal concealer drugstore makeup review

Let me tell you I was pretty shocked at how this held up throughout the day.  I used it under my eyes and dotted on to some of my acne spots and it did not crease at all under my eyes, which is usually my problem area.  It did give me a nice natural, brighter look and the consistency was very fluid.  It blended very nicely with my skin and foundation and after wearing it for 10 hours, it still did not crease under my eyes.  But at the end of the day it look like it faded a little under the eye area.

This concealer gave me pretty good coverage.  To me, you can build coverage to a medium coverage, but it is not a full coverage concealer.  If you want that luminous and a nice glow, these types of concealers tend to be more fluid like consistency.  I did tried to build up the coverage, but it did not look that much different from the first layer of the concealer but nonetheless it covered my dark circles and help brighten the eye area.

To me, this concealer was a hit.  It’s easy to blend, covers up my dark circles and most importantly it does not crease in my fine lines.  It doesn’t say if it’s for dry skin and normal skin or oily skin, but I have oily skin and it was fine for me.  I would definitely recommend this concealer for anyone who is looking for a medium coverage and a concealer to brighten the skin.

I hope this article was helpful for you and I hope to be doing more drugstore makeup reviews for you.  Until next week have a great day my beauties!

The Benefits of using a Serum and A Review of Clinique Custom Repair

clinique serum review

Do you use a serum in your routine?  If you don’t why not?  A serum can really be effective in conjunction with the rest of your skincare routine.  But why?  It’s just another thing to put on my face and my skin can’t handle all that moisture.  I know how you feel, but if I had to choose I would pick a serum over a moisturizer.  Here are a few benefits of using a serum.

  • It sinks into the skin deeper so it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day batter
  • Oily skin can benefit from a serum because of how quickly it sinks in to the skin leaving no residue or feelings of heaviness on the skin
  • It has about 2 to 5 times more potency than the face cream. And using it in conjunction with cream, you can have a better results vs.  Using no serum
  • A moisturizer or sunscreen usually sits on top of the skin so it isn’t moisturizing the skin all day causing skin to feel uncomfortable, tight and dehydrated. That’s why putting a serum under your moisturizer will help skin stay hydrated all day.
  • Wearing a sunscreen and being outside all day can leave your skin very thirsty. Drink your water, but also put on a serum before your sunscreen so you can keep your skin hydrated as much as possible.  Plus again it is super light so you won’t feel it.


Clinique smart custom repair serum

I am not a fan of Clinique, but I have used a few of their skincare products.  Unfortunately I had no success with them because they were either too heavy feeling, did not absorb well and it was too strong and irritating my skin.  The only skincare product that was comfortable to use was there cleansing gel.  So trying this all in one custom repair serum, I was going into this as a very skeptical person.  Because of my history and plus a serum claiming it can do everything for your skin, you kind of want to try it and put it to the test.

The first thing about this serum is that the ingredients list is very long!  This serum says it is suitable for sensitive skin, but just read the ingredient list to make sure you’re not allergic to any one of these ingredients.  Because it is designed to handle all skin issues including acne scarring, uneven skin tone and wrinkles that’s why the ingredients list is super long.  From licorice extract that reduces inflammation, vitamin C for dark spots, salicylic acid and glucosmine for brightening, palmitoyl oligopeptide to boost collagen and ultrsomes and roxisome for UV damage.  Throw in some hyaluronic acid and you have a hydrating serum to go.

So far it has only been three weeks and I have no problem with the serum so far.  My skin feels hydrated, feels soft and my skin doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable.  I haven’t seen much of a difference in my skin as far as it being brighter or more even, but that hopefully will come in time and with the weather changing I tend to break out a bit more then usual.  But it hasn’t caused any more issues, so that is a good thing for me.

It’s hard going back to the skincare company that you’ve used some products from them and you haven’t had a good experience.  So being open minded can be tough when you come across a product that seems so irresistible that you need to try it.  Don’t let a bad experience stop you, you may never know if that’s the product that will change your skin or even your mind towards that brand.  Maybe this is the product that will change my mind towards Clinique, but only time will tell.  Until next week, thank you for reading this article and I’ll see you next week my beauties!

clinique serum review

A Review of Nail Vinyls and Doing My Nails for the First Time


nail vinyl review

I admit, I don’t do my nails at all.  Just clip them, file them and use hand cream and that is the extent of my nail care.  I don’t remember the last time I went to a salon to get a manicure and pedicure done, that’s how long I’ve had my nails painted.  So when I received these cool nail vinyls courtesy of I was excited to do something different with nails.  And it’s Halloween themed so it’s even more fun to do.

I’ve never used vinyls or stickers of any kind on my nails and that’s why I got curious wondering if these would be easy to use.  I was a bit concerned about how it would turn out or if it would fit my small fingers (I have a size three ring finger) but I figured out you can cut it to your nail and that’s what I did for some.  Here are my results on these graveyard vinyls.

What’s up vinyls for nails

First of all I have to say that this process was fun and cool.  I did play with a few different looks before I chose to do the ombre effect.  I used tweezers to take the sticker or stencil and peeled it off to avoid ripping it and carefully placed it on my freshly painted nails.  I then painted the stenciled part with black nail polish to show the graveyard on my nails and while it is still wet slowly and gently pull off the stencil with tweezers and you have your design.

So was this easy or not?  Again I said before that I don’t do my nails and as a beginner I was truly amazed at how easy these vinyls were to use.  The only hard part was me trying to get the ombre look on my nails, but that was my choice and I was excited to do my nails in a different way.

So because I was chosen to do this for they gave me a code to my first 10 readers to get these graveyard vinyls for free.  If you choose to get them here is the code and the link and they will show you step by step how to receive them. (Now sold out)

So enjoy your week beauties and have a great day!

nail vinyl review

nail art
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