My Peel Story: Neostrata Peel and Review

neostrata peel review

The one thing I haven’t talked about on my blog yet is peels.  I do peels every fall and winter and sometimes during the spring and I’ve been doing them at home for many years.  I have gotten great results from these at home treatment and these skincare treatments are getting much better and there is a wide variety of peels to choose from today.  Who doesn’t love a deep exfoliation?  Peels smooths the skin, helps fade dark spots, helps to minimize wrinkles, make pores look smaller and smooth out acne scars.  And doing it at home is even better.

I started doing peels at 19 when I went to my dermatologist’s office and he recommend I do them.  I was doing them for several weeks when the person applying the peel on my face mentioned that my skin we didn’t really need this and basically tell me I shouldn’t be here until my mid thirties maybe.  Yep that is what she told me and I took it as a compliment and didn’t really start doing them until my late twenties.  I am 35 now and I’ve noticed my skin texture is rough and uneven, so I’ve bought a peel this time that is stronger than the ones I normally use.  Here is my review of the neostrata peel.

Neostrata brightening peel solution: 25% exfoliating complex

So this at home peel has one of the highest acid content and other concentrated ingredients that I have seen in the market, plus keep in mind that only 20% of any type of exfoliating acid can be sold over the counter.  So let me break down the ingredients that is included in this peel starting with a 10% glycolic acid and gluconolactone which helps to remove dead skin cells and smooth out the skin but doesn’t make the skin feel uncomfortable after washing off.  The next ingredient is 5% fruit enzymes which in this case they use papaya which helps to hydrate and stimulate the exfoliation process.  They have also added a 2% Ginowhite that are brightening peptides that helps to reduce the look of dark spots.

As I said before, peels are not new to me so when I opened this bottle up to start my first peel, I was a bit surprised that it was a gel like texture.  All peels that I’ve used so far were liquid or soaked on a cotton pad so this one was a first for me but the application was the same.  Soak it on a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face and neck area.  I did feel a bit of the tingling for a few minutes after I applied it but after that I didn’t feel it anymore. About 15 to 20 minutes later wash it off and apply a nourishing serum and cream afterwards.

My personal opinion on this is so far so good.  My skin is smoother, my acne marks are fading and my pores are definitely smaller.  I’ve only used it a few times so far so my acne scarring hasn’t really changed much.  But I guess maybe a few more times and I will probably hopefully see a difference in my acne scars.  I also didn’t mind the gel like texture because it almost felt like it was moisturizing my skin in a way because even when I washed it off my skin didn’t feel as uncomfortable as it did in the past peels that I’ve used before.  So that is definitely a bonus that I really like about this peel.

Now here comes the part where I tell you to wear sunscreen.  This is hands down a no brainer when using any type of acids on your face, you need to wear sunscreen if you want to get the results you want from these types of peels.  Also when you’re resurfacing your skin like this you revealing new skin underneath all that dead skin cells that you have just removed and you want to protect that new skin as much as possible.  So sunscreen is a must.

Peels may not be for everyone because of their skin type.  If you’ve used at home peels before and you are very sensitive to them, maybe seeing a dermatologist will help you to get you on the right track of what’s best for you.  Maybe all you need is too use a manual scrub once or twice a week for your skin type, but you have to see what is best for you by exploring your options and asking for help when you need it.  ‘cause when it comes to your skin, what you do to it will definitely show on your face literally!  Until next week my beauties have a good day!

neostrata peel review

A Sweet Pure Honey Story and Reivew on Lip Balms

sweet pure honey

I’m sure by now if you have been reading my blog you’ll know I have an unhealthy obsession for lip balms.  Always on the hunt for the best and ones that will keep my lips hydrated and plump looking.  The one thing I can say is that I have been through so many of them regardless of who made them, if it was high price, low price, natural or chemical I have been through all of them.  But you know what’s even better?  Finding one that is homegrown and supporting the Canadian beauty industry even if it’s a small family owned company I can totally get on the board with this.

And these days I do try to use Canadian companies in my makeup and skincare line up.  So I was super excited when a company called sweet pure honey reached out to me to send me not only their lip balms but their solid perfume as well.  They are based Saskatchewan and not only do they make beauty products but they also make handmade soap and sell pure and raw honey in jars.  You know like the honey you can put in your tea?  I always have a good jar of honey in my cupboard for my tea ‘cause I prefer honey over sugar any day.  But we’re not talking about jars of honey, were talking about their lip balms.

Sweet pure honey lip balm and mica lip balm

Maybe I’m a little picky with lip balms or maybe I just want ones that actually work but I can tell you I was totally shook when I’d tried these on.  I’m gonna tell you right now that these lip balms are amazing!  I’m not saying this because their a Canadian Company but I’m saying this because since I found the fresh lip balms many years ago I haven’t found anything else since then until now.  I have literally abandon any other lip balm I was using and only using these two in my rotation now.

So the lip balm with no color, I wear under my lip gloss and at night to repair my lips.  There is a little bit of a scent but nothing overwhelming, just the smell of honey!  And you know what?  There is only two ingredients in this lip balm.  Coconut oil and raw but filtered 100% beeswax.  How simple is this lip balm that works to heal and repair my lips and only using two ingredients?  I’m honestly shocked but at the same time these ingredients are very nourishing and moisturize and very affordable as well.  At only $5.25 it is super affordable and of course don’t forget its Canadian.

Now the lip balm with mica comes in seven different colors and I believe I received the one that’s either the light pink or raspberry but the color is very soft and subtle.  For me this is perfect on my days off or I can wear it under a lip gloss or lipstick to punch up the color a bit. At only $10.50 each they only have three simple ingredients, coconut oil, beeswax and pure mica minerals.

I hope you understand the obsession that I have for finding the perfect lip balm.  Now that I’ve found two great lip balms that I can rely on until this winter season is over, I don’t have to go looking for any other lip balm.  For me that is so relieving to me and my lips!

And that’s not it!  This company especially one of the owners Stella Sehn has given me and offer code for people to read this and one to try their lip balms as well as any other thing that you might like to order from their website.  I will write it down below as well as their website so you can click on it and order away.  And if you type the discount code in the message box you will receive 25% off and only applies to Canadian orders.  So please support this company and show your love to this Canadian, family owned company that literally pores there’ll love into every product.  Have a good day my beauties and I’ll see you next week!

Discount Code: Type in message box and will be manually discounted by company: beautyblog25

For Canadian orders only. Click here to go to their site.

sweet pure honey lip balm

My First anti-aging cream: Dior Face Cream and Review

Dior capture totale skincare


This week on my blog I will be talking about my first time ever using an anti aging cream.  Yikes!  Well I’m not sure a lot of women want to talk about anti aging in general including what they use on their face but since I work in the beauty industry we all know that it’s coming.  And what not better way to start with one of the luxurious lines Dior.

Dior has always been one of my favorite makeup lines to use.  The ever popular air flash foundation is light and flawless, their glosses are super shiny and beautiful colors to choose from and their super popular mascaras that are so hard to choose from because they are all results driven.  So you could see why I was curious to see if skincare products were just as good as their makeup.

Now to be honest I have used some of their skincare products and I’ve had great success with them in the past such as their hydra life serum and moisturizer was super hydrating it made my skin supple and soft, plus it gave me a nice glow to the skin.  Their cleanser and toner for combination skin was gentle but deep cleaning and their eye makeup remover took off all traces of eye makeup in seconds.  Their one essential serum and eye cream were one of the best products I used ‘cause when I first started using them, I couldn’t help noticing that people were complimenting me on my skin.  So I’m hoping that I’ll get the same kind of results I got from their other skincare products with this one that I will be reviewing today.

Dior Capture Totale Multi Perfection and Crème (Universal texture)

The sleek, nice packaging and when you press the button to pop open is probably the fanciest jar I’ve had to date.  But you hope that the cream that resides in it can do miracles for your face especially when it’s an anti aging cream that promises to even out skin and smooth out wrinkles.

This cream is meant to revitalize the skin from deep within, giving your skin all more toned, elastic and a suppler look.  Plus it evens out the skin texture and gives you a nice glow to your skin hence the name Capture Totale.  Now you might think I’m a little too young to use this cream, but this cream can be worn by women in their thirties and up.  And since I am 35 I figured we start with this.

The most important ingredient in this cream is a rare flower from Madagascar that is called Longoza.  By adding this in the moisturizer, the mother sells at the origin of skin are being revitalized to help boost collagen and elasticity.  Other ingredients in this moisturizer are mango seed oil, licorice extract which both of these ingredients helped to nourish and soothe skin.  Plankton extract and evening primrose extract that will help to keep skin strong and preserve it.

My personal opinion on this multi perfection cream is that I don’t break out.  It feels very nice and comfortable on the skin when I put it on but when I wake up in the morning it does feel a bit heavy and I feel greasy but somehow I still don’t break out which is fine for me.  I’ve used it only for one month and so far I’ve had no issue whatsoever with my combination/oily skin.  But this is the universal texture, there is a light texture if you are more comfortable with that one.

The scent of the moisturizer is light and beautiful.  It’s a very light floral with a kind of sweetness to it but it does disappear after several minutes.  I don’t use a serum underneath this moisturizer because it’s usually enough for me.  In the month that I’ve used it, my skin has some serious glow to it.  It definitely feels more comfortable and hydrated and I know it sounds kind of weird but what ever breakouts I do have seems to be healed and my skin recovers from them quicker.  By the way this cream is not meant for breakouts, it’s just what I’ve observed with my skin so everyone is going to have a different reaction or results to this.

As for any into wrinkle action, I really don’t have wrinkles on my skin except on my forehead when I raise my eyebrows and I haven’t seen too much of a difference there yet but with anything anti wrinkle it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks.  So maybe when I’m done using it all give you my end results or at least in a couple months I can tell you the full story and see from their.  Maybe I will do a part two and let you know how the results are but so far so good!

Until next week, have a good day my beauties!

Dior Skincare routine Capture Totale

L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara Review: I Love Mascaras!

L'oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

When it comes to mascara I want to try up all of them!  New, old and best-selling ones that I have yet to get my hands on.  They make your lashes longer, thicker and fan them out to look like they are false and if someone says they look false, well that’s just icing on the cake.  That is exactly what I’m looking for but try finding one ‘cause in a sea of mascara as well as finding the perfect mascara wand it can be daunting and troublesome.

As a teen I started with mascara and lip gloss hence the obsession started.  My first mascara?  The L’oreal voluminous mascara that changed my world.  Now you have to remember this was my first mascara and on my first time buying a mascara, it did everything I wanted it to do.  It thickened, made my lashes longer and it didn’t clump.

Fast forward to today and I’ve tried quite a few mascaras since then.  Everything from $10.00 to $50.00, new mascaras and best-selling ones.  I even bought ones that I was constantly selling to my clients and even ask them why they liked it so much.  Word of mouth is probably the best way you can find your next mascara.  That is how I found and bought my latest mascara.  For the last couple months, this mascara been selling out and we are constantly trying to keep it in stock which I took as a good sign and figured I should try it out.  Here is my review of the L’oreal mascara.

L’oreal lash paradise mascara

Currently L’oreal says that this is the number one selling mascara in Canada which may be true because it keeps selling out in my store.  But L’oreal is a mascara giant when it comes to drugstore makeup.  They have so many mascaras to choose from and each mascara addresses a certain need for all women which is why I can’t sleep go back to them and pretty much have tried all their mascara is that they have come out with.

This mascara is made for length and volume and an added bonus, it makes your lashes feel very soft and light to the touch.  The wand is a soft bristle in a wavy shape that deposits the formula evenly on your lashes.  And 1 to 2 coats you get instant volume and also fans out the lashes nice and evenly without it looking clumpy.

My personal thoughts on this: this mascara is another hit for me from L’oreal!  The formula and the brush work well to give me a nice length and instant volume.  This is what I’m usually looking for in a mascara because my lashes are short and fine. For me in 2 to 3 coats and some wiggling in between gets me the results I’m looking for.  It stays on all day and no flakes fall on my cheeks which you all know you’ve had that problem before in the past with a mascara.  There’s no scent which I like and I really like the soft bristle brush as opposed to the plastic ones I see out in the mascara world that pull and tug at my lashes.

There will always be the newest and latest mascara out there and I would love to try every one of them if I can.  But for now this is my fave mascara and for my fave company no less.  L’oreal has made a lasting impression on me because my first purchase ever of a mascara was by them and it was a hit.  I hoped you have that kind of impression from A makeup company that you keep going back to.  Because being a teen was hard enough, your makeup shouldn’t be.  Until next week, have a good day my beauties!

Loreal lash paradise mascara

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My First Review of the Year: La Roche Posay Skincare

La Roche Posay reiew

It’s a new year and this is my first post and what better way to start the year with a post about skincare?  In the winter time, we go for warm sweaters, hot beverages and nourishing and healing skincare products.  Our skin does change with the seasons and we must change our routine accordingly.

What I usually see and that this is a general observation, the most common complaints is drier, itchy and even redness in the skin will happen.  That’s why going back to basics is usually than the the route to go when you want to call home and soothes the skin as well keep the skin hydrated and that as much as possible throughout the winter season.

But I have seen some people including my husband who have it a bit worse than most.  Some people can suffer from eczema which usually means the skin turns red and can get try the itchy but be that way throughout the whole winter until warmer weather arrives and sometimes it disappears.  For clients like these, it’s really all about protecting the skin when you’re outside and using products that will heal and repair the skin as well as moisturize and reduce redness.  Winter may suck, but if you live in a place where it’s cold this is just what you have to do.  It’s our normal.

For me personally, and the last couple winters my skin has changed to.  My winter routine was usually filled with all things exfoliating.  My toner, my cream at night and even my facial peel all contained glycolic acid to help smooth and refine my skin.  so when I went to my usual routine my skin felt so tight and dehydrated and plume that for the first time in my life I had to actually change my routine.

So I replaced my exfoliating toner with a hydrating one, I use a serum underneath my glycolic acid night cream, but I use that cream every other night.  I still do my glycolic acid peels, but instead of twice a week I use it once a week and afterwards use a serum and hydrating cream to replenish.  And now I use a very hydrating face cream during the day.  I didn’t think I would see this day when my oily skin actually needed a hydrating face cream and not break out!  So here is my latest review of my current face cream.

La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV Spf 30 Lotion

This line is made in France with the main ingredient in all their products thermal spring water.  I know this line of quite well because I’ve worked with it for many years, have recommended it to clients, have had clients come from dermatologists office that has recommended this line for their skin because it is sensitive, as well as from other clients who used it and love it and for me who has used it and have never had a problem with it so far.

I decided to use this specific lotion because it is one of our best-selling sunscreen and moisturizer in one.  I had used it once or twice before as a simple but didn’t like how my skin looked because it was very shiny on my already oily and shiny skin.  And I guess I didn’t really need it so I used their actual sun screen lotion Spf 60 that was perfect for oily skin.  But the winter season came on and I needed an actual moisturizer with sunscreen this time.

This moisturizer is paraben free, perfume free and no harsh ingredients in this product.  It is one of their basic lines the Hydraphase collection which is good for any one, any age and as well if any skin type and basically hydrates the skin hence the name.  This moisturizer in particular has spf 30 and really helps too deeply moisturize the skin throughout the day as well as to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.  This product like all their other products are made for specifically sensitive skin but anyone can use it.

So my personal thoughts is this, when I apply it on my face, it goes on pretty easily but feels kind of sticky.  It doesn’t peel off or rub off, just feel sticky and somehow it doesn’t disturb my makeup.  Now I understand for darker skin tones like me they can have that white film on their face because of the actual sunscreen, but I do not see it with this which is a total bonus for me.  When I apply my makeup, it goes on smoothly and doesn’t feel heavy and with both moisturizer and makeup on I feel like I have a nice even skin tone and my skin looks healthy, which is all we want right?

I don’t break out, it doesn’t clog my pores and it doesn’t mess with my makeup plus it doesn’t feel heavy throughout the day.  So what is my only issue with this?  I still get shiny pretty quick in the day.  It’s not as bad as it was several years ago, but I still get shiny.  It could be that I change my foundation as well but I do have to blot 2 to 3 times a day.  But as I always said if I don’t break out, doesn’t clog my pores and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin all still wear it.  Because it makes my skin feel comfortable and also protects it which is what I’m looking for.

I will definitely only use this in the winter time and go back to my sunscreen Spf 60 that is made for oily skin when it gets warmer.  I truly don’t care if I have to blot a couple times a day to keep my skin shine free.  My skin is changing and it’s going to be an adjustment period where I’m going to be using products I never thought I could use and this is one of them.  Thank god for returns just in case it didn’t work out!  But I won’t be returning this one ‘cause I got lucky.

So my last words to you in this article is change your routine with the season, your skin will think you.  Until next week my beauties have a good day!

La Roche Posay

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