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Why Should You Use A Toner?


Do you use a toner? Do you need one? Why should I use a toner? These are definitely good questions to ask. But it’s one of those things that there is no right or wrong answer. I started with a cleanser and toner when I was starting my skincare routine, so for me it comes natural and it has always been in my routine. I couldn’t see myself not using it. But I’m a bit of a skincare junkie, so I may be biased. But it wouldn’t hurt to use one right?

Do you need one? Well, its not exactly a necessity for your whole routine, but your skin can definitely benefit from it once you find the right one. Think of it this way, you change your skincare according to the season. You wear more or less moisturizer when it gets warmer or colder. Think of the toner as a moisturizer. I mean it does balance out the skin, and it does give it moisture. So maybe when its time to change you routine, think about adding a toner if you don’t already have one. It just may change how you feel and change your skin too.

Why should you use a toner? Why should you use a sunscreen? When you start your whole skincare routine, you start after you cleanse, not with your moisturizer.  Because toners add moisture to your skin that all skin types can benefit. Or treat the skin like a glycolic acid toner that’s usually for combination/oily/acne prone skin. I think once you start thinking like that, you can begin to realize that it can be an important part of your skincare routine. Here is a few added benefits to adding it your routine.

  • People who wear a lot of sunscreen, heavy makeup or have oily/acne skin will benefit from a toner, as it can wipe away excess makeup, dirt and oils to keep your skin squeaky clean.
  • Your cleanser can stripe your skin of oils, so when you use a toner, it can balance your ph levels out. Your skin’s ph levels are at a 5.5. by the way. We want to keep it as close to that as possible.
  • It helps to tighten pores to make skin look smoother and brighter.
  • A good, quality toner can help hydrate the skin and also protect it from dirt getting into your pores and help boost your moisturizer’s efficacy.
  • Combination/oily skin can benefit from a toner by simply getting rid of excess oil, or getting rid of dead skin cells. While dry skin can get an extra boost of moisture.

Plus here is a review of a toner I used that really helped my skin glow and looking its best.

Estee Lauder Micro Essence

This toner is probably the best one I’ve used in a long time. I was really surprised at how effective it worked. And when I put it on my skin, it really refreshed my face and gave it a brighter look to it. It was not heavy on my skin at all. It tighten my pores and I loved the mild scent of it. I believe it’s for all skin types (yes including oily) as its non comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores. The ingredients in this toner includes caffeine, citric acid and chamomile. All ingredients that are fabulous for your skin. And that’s why you have such a brighter, refreshed look to your skin, even after a long day of work or play. I really did like this toner and I would buy it again if I wasn’t such a skincare junkie and wanted to try every toner in sight.

There aren’t that many good toners out there as you would think. So be careful, read labels and make sure it doesn’t have alcohol in it, because a lot of them do still. Have a good day beauties!


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Who Doesn’t Love A Good Mascara?

mascara review

The first mascara I ever bought was the one I used for years before I actually started exploring other great finds. My very first mascara was L’oreal voluminous and like everyone else you just have to go on a whim and try it. With its black and gold tube and off white packaging, its unassuming but simple package you just are curious if it works. I got home and immediately tried it on and it was love at first brush stroke.

Over the years when L’oreal came out with a new mascara, I would go out and purchase it immediately and give it a go. It’s one of the very few companies that I could go back to and purchase a mascara and I would be satisfied with it. This time again I have bought another one from them.

I do keep my routine in the morning simple and quick so I can get out the door without thinking about my makeup. I’m sure you’re like me and you want something simple, but also looks good. What has never changed in my routine is my mascara and black eyeliner. So here is a review of my newest mascara.

L’oreal Voluminous Superstar

First I have to say how handy it is to have a primer and mascara in one package. I know they had or still have a red and white one that was the same idea, but the brushes on this one are different from the red and white one. The brush is absolutely important to me. It has to get every lash and deposit the mascara nice and evenly on your lashes. These brushes do it all and I absolutely love it. Both primer and mascara both fan out my lashes and it doesn’t look clumpy or it doesn’t flake off either. It stays on all day and the best part? It comes off easily when I wash my face in the evening. I always use an eye makeup remover to get off any other makeup like eyeliner or concealer, but if I’m wearing only mascara, I skip this part. It’s that easy and it’s all in one package.

Here is also few a tips on using a mascara:

  • If the brush looks clumpy from the mascara, just dab it on a tissue to get excess off
  • Thicker lashes? Cost both sides of lashes with mascara
  • If mascara formula is too dry or flaky, a few drops of saline solution (contact lens solution) in the tube should make liquid again
  • If same color as your brows, use mascara to make them look thicker and set them
  • Lashes look clumpy? De clump by using a clean toothbrush, run it through lashes until desired look.

Until nextweek, have a good day my beauties.


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Why You Should Use this Cream

cream review

Glycolic Acid- An exfoliating agent that provides smoother, soft and supple skin for a youthful appearance.

It also comes from sugar cane, which technically it is sugar, but a more natural version and you’re putting it on your face. But this is one of the powerhouse ingredients that everyone in the beauty industry knows that it can’t be beat. Except for vitamin A, but that’s another post for later. This star ingredient takes care of wrinkle, age spots or acne spots, scarring and overall appearance of brighter and even toned skin. Whatever your concern is, find a cream with this ingredient and look no further.

I myself have used various products over the years. I started at the dermatologist’s office with peels, vitamin A cream and glycolic cream later to maintain my results. Then later on after a few years, I started breaking out again and this time I started working in the beauty industry and I knew what to use. For many years I had very oily skin and my skin could handle all of what I was doing. My routine started in fall/winter and I would use toner (8% glycolic acid), a cream with 8% acid and peels with 20% AHA’s. Yep, and I was fine with it. Then up until a couple years ago I actually stopped using the toner, got a normal one and switched up my peels for a less irritating one.

Now this past winter, I break out a lot less and my skin is dehydrated. So while I’m in the midst of looking for a good routine that works, this is the one cream that I’m currently using that has glycolic acid.

Reversa spf 15 anti wrinkle cream with 8% glycolic acid

I chose this one because it does give your skin moisture, but it’s light enough that combination/oily skin can wear it. I intended to use it during the day, but it didn’t mix well with my foundation, which is fine, but I decided to use it during the night. Yes it is fine to use at night even if it does have sunscreen. It has 8% percent glycolic acid, which is fairly high if you never used it before. But I am more than comfortable using this and results I saw within 2 weeks. I used to put it on every evening, but I my skin got to dehydrated doing that. So when I use it, I put a serum on first, then put on this cream. The next evening I put on a serum and a hydrating moisturizer on. The results are smoother skin, but especially helps with my dark spots and acne. Plus it’s a Canadian company, what more can you ask for?

cream review tips

Here is a few tips as well if you haven’t used a cream with glycolic acid before. Nothing to be afraid of, but things you should be doing anyway. Here they are:

  • Wear sunscreen! No matter what you need to, because it is exfoliating your skin and revealing new skin, you want to protect it and it may get sensitive. Plus wearing sunscreen should be in your routine anyways.
  • If your skin starts to feel dehydrated, tight or dry, try to wear a serum under it. If it still feels uncomfortable, then use it every other night. Find a pattern that fits you and your skin.
  • Try spraying on a thermal spray before your daily routine. My skin does feel tight and dehydrated after I wash my face in the morning. So for a little extra moisture, I spray on some thermal water to help relieve it and hydrate my skin back just like that. Plus its really good for setting makeup.

I hope this helps you find a great cream for yourself and follow me on Instagram or twitter or Google+. As always, have a good day beauites.

It Started With A Cleanser and Toner

cleanser and toner

It was between the ages of 11-13 that I discovered skincare. Yep I started out that young and I only started with a cleanser and toner. You might be thinking when I was that age, I bought candy and stupid toys or magazines filled with the latest teen heart throbs. I still bought those, but I was more curious about this whole skincare thing more than anything. And the saddest thing was I actually liked having a routine. I love washing my face and putting on my clean and clear toner. I felt all grown up and it felt nice.

Then came the makeup phase where I was only into makeup, not really caring about my skincare routine all that much. But when I was 15 years old, I started breaking out.  Not much at first. But as the years went on, I finally went to a dermatologist in my late teens and that reignited my skincare routine. I went back to cleanser, toner and a vitamin A cream. My skin was very oily at the time, so I used a toner that had 8% glycolic acid to help exfoliate skin and vitamin A to combat the acne and the spots left behind from acne. After that period of intense treatment, just before working in the beauty industry, I again went back to just a cleanser, toner, I would wear a moisturizer once in awhile and eye makeup remover.

Once I entered the beauty industry, it opened up a world of skincare and the endless possibilities of what I could use. For a while I found my regime and it worked for my oily skin.

  • A cleanser
  • A toner twice a day
  • An eye cream day and night
  • A moisturizer one for day and one for night
  • A peel once a week
  • A mask once a week
  • A scrub 1-2 week

Now my skin has changed again and I am experimenting with skincare again. This time I’ m looking for skincare for combination and dehydrated skin. It still gets oily, but its controllable and for the moment I’m not breaking out that much. So I’m free to change up my routine a bit and actually start using a hydrating cream and serum. Or a balancing cleanser and toner. Oh the possibilities are endless. Follow me as I take the plunge into new territory into skincare that ive never used before. It one the few things that doesn’t make me nervous. Its makes me excited to find something new and great. Until next week, have a good one beauties!

skincare regime


Three Reviews On Masks

I remember my first mask. It was by Neostrata. It was a clay mask and I’m pretty sure it had glycolic acid as well. I had very oily skin and I was breaking out a lot and I needed something to keep my oils and breakouts in check. Something that would give my skin that extra boost.  And I was thinking to myself it won’t work, it’s just a mask. Boy I was so wrong! Not only did it help to clear up my skin, but it kept my skin mat and my pores small. From that day on I use masks religious 1-2 week to keep my skin glowing and refreshed.

I’ve only used clay masks until last year when my skin changed and in the fall I noticed my skin was feeling dehydrated and tight. So now I can actually purchase a more hydrating mask. I’ve even used a brightening sheet mask and it was awesome. Here is a few reviews on the masks that I have been using.

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask

Just by looking at this mask you think you got an expensive yogurt. Well it’s kind of true. It does have yogurt in it but it’s supposed to be for your face. It feels like yogurt and it even smells like a blueberry yogurt, but the stuff they pack into this antioxidant rich mask is great. It’s also antiaging, nourishing, and fights those external aggressors and it makes your skin feel super soft. Plus it’s for all skin types.

Laneige calls it sogarty which is a type of yogurt to help soothe skin. Top it off with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and cranberry extract and all you need is a spoon…or I mean a good rinse of the skin and you’re all set for the day. I swear I’m talking about a mask!

My thoughts on this. I have combo/oily skin and I did not break out. That being said, I found this mask to be a delight to use. It did not feel heavy when I applied it on my skin. The smell was subtle, but so delicious. I left it on for about 10 mins and it washed off pretty easy. My skin felt absolutely soft and it definitely felt hydrated. The next day it still felt soft and hydrated and it looked even brighter when I finished putting my skincare on. It definitely was worth buying.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

This is a gel based mask made for any skin type. Its light, refreshing and it hydrates. Because it is a gel based any skin type including oily can benefit from it.

The star ingredient rose water and rose petals helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. They say it contains 50% rose water and 2 and half roses in each jar, which is a lot of roses. And you can definitely smell it. With the added green tea extract, it helps to brighten the skin tone and detox the skin and aloe vera and cucumber extract to help soothe and heal skin it definitely is a go to if you need that extra boost of moisture.

Personally for me it hydrated, it made my skin refreshed and felt soft and smooth. I did enjoy using it very much. I didn’t see a difference in my skin tone, it didn’t look brighter or anything but maybe I was expecting too much. I don’t know. But the smell of it was a little to strong for me and even when I rinsed it off I could still smell it after a awhile. Again I am sensitive to smells on the face, so that is just me.

Mask review


Pur Dirty Girl Clay Mask

Although this happens to be a makeup based company, it just happens to have a cult favorite clay mask. I have been using it now for the past couple summers and it is one of my fave clay masks I’ve used.

Usually clay masks are for combo to oily skin, but this clay mask in particular is perfect for all skin types. I did check reviews out for this product and even women who says they have dry skin found it very helpful and loved how their skin felt. The active ingredients in it are salicylic acid which exfoliates, pascalite clay which absorbs oil and dirt. Cucumber and aloe vera to soothe, brighten and heal. So it does have ingredients that will be gentle for normal to dry skin. Just be sure you can handle a clay mask because even you have dry skin, it can be sensitive to acids In general.

Because it is a clay mask, it does dry up and tighten up on the face. It may be somewhat tingling, but I didn’t feel any. They say leave it on 5-20 min. I left it on for about 20mins and rinsed my skin looked clearer, pores tighten and I had a very nice matte look too. If you do this before you put your makeup on, your skin looks even brighter. I love this mask and I would totally recommend using this mask for sure.

That’s all for this review, hope it helps you. Till next week beauties


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