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Finding the Right Scrub for You and Review

Bliss scrub

I have used a form of an exfoliating product since I broke out in high school and needed something to help brighten and get rid of my buildup of oils, dirt and makeup. And especially those damn dark spots that are left over from breakouts and even sunspots, but your gonna need more than a scrub to get rid of those. But as I always keep telling people, there are many products out, just be sure to get the right one for you. Yes scrubs can be difficult as well to find for your skin type. And thankfully they have ones for every skin type.

Generally speaking, oily skin can go with a scrub that is gel based with larger beads. Because it does have to cut through the sebum or oils, dead skin cells and all that pretty makeup we put on. We need something a bit stronger. For oily skin people as well they can afford to scrub twice a week to keep things clear and bright.

For normal/combo skin, you can go either way depending on your skin, seasons changing, etc. But you can use a gel based one, or even ones that are cream based. Ones that are cream based tend not to dry out the skin as much and the beads can vary from small granular beads or large beads for a deeper clean, but it won’t dry out the skin. For this skin type, you can scrub 1-2 a week. It all depends on your skin

Now for the dry skin people, it can be tough because if you have dry skin, it can be sensitive. It has redness and even when you scrub your skin, it can cause more redness or sensitivity then you want to feel. So maybe once a week or every other week. Again, you have to gauge how your skin will feel and how it looks. If your skin still feels tingly or still red after a while, like several minutes, you may need to stop it til you find a product or a routine that works for you.

And obviously there is other forms of scrubs or exfoliators that are out there, like peels, glycolic creams, microdermabrasion etc. And all of those will help with more serious issues like acne scarring, sunspots and those post acne spots after the actual acne is gone. Believe me they work, because a lot of them tend to go deeper to give you the brighter and even tone, but in this article I will only be talking and reviewing a good old manual scrub.

Bliss Micro Magic Microdermabrasion Treatment

If you want skincare that’s gonna treat you like you’re in a spa, this is it. This skincare line is steeped in spa history and experience that it does feel like you are having a spa experience at home. It smells like peppermint that wakes you up and it gets down to business to rid of dead skin cells and brightens the skin. Like microdermabrasion, the fine grains make it even simpler to slough off the dead skin. But at the same time it is very gentle and probably great for all skin types. It even has aloe and mushroom extract to help reduce inflammation.

daily routine

The refreshing peppermint smell caught me off guard, but I loved it and how it felt on my skin. Very fine in texture, it really got everywhere on the face to get rid of my excess oils and it refreshed my skin. I mostly use it in the morning. So my skincare sunk into my skin deeper and makeup looked better. Plus, my did not have any redness after the facial and did not feel tight or dehydrated after cleansing it with this product. I did enjoy it thoroughly and I am having a good experience with it this far. I do use it 2 times a week and my skin is fine with it. Here is my day routine when I use it in the morning.

Until nextweek my beauties, have yourself a spa day at home. Bye for now.



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My Pixi Story: All About Eyes

eyemakeup review

I started getting curious about the pixi beauty line when I kept seeing everywhere. And I mean everywhere! Online, tv ads, being promoted on tv, magazines etc. So when I finished my eye cream, I decided to try their eye cream out. I heard great things about their skincare line, especially their cleansers, toners and their makeup. I now have added to my collection the eye pencil and an eye palette that I had won on twitter when they were having a contest.

Now if you don’t’ know much about this line, it started in London from a woman of 4 kids who needed her makeup and skincare routine to be simple and quick. So her skincare line is packed with healthy ingredients and makeup are colorful, but also safe for the skin. This post will be reviewing my experience with these three items.

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Matte Khaki

This pencil was one of the items I received in the contest I won on twitter. And it honestly surprised me. It reminds of the marc Jacobs pencil, but this one I can actually wear. I love the way it glides on so easily and seamlessly. It’s true to color and even on my skin tone the color wore well. And boy does it stay on all day. You don’t have to worry about this one coming off, because even with my oily eyelids, it stayed on all day without reapplying. I love this pencil and the color is perfect for the summer. Plus it’s safe for the eye area, including for sensitive eyes.

Pixi Mesmerizing Eye Palette in Amethyst Aura

This was the second item I won in the contest and I’m not sure if everyone got the same palette color or not, but l lucked out with getting my fave color in the palette. The mixed the colors soft and vibrant so you can choose if you want a softer look or brighter look. I like it. The softer colors didn’t really show much so I won’t be using much of those colors except as a base. But the brighter colors showed up really well on my skin tone. Because of my oily eyelids, they didn’t last that long, maybe a few hours like a lot I’ve used. But they wore well with an eyelid primer and stayed on all day. It is a bit of a hit and miss with me on the palette, so if I was ever to buy eyeshadows from this brand, I would buy the single pots instead. But they were safe for my eyes and I like the colors in the palette.

eyemakeup review

Pixi 24 Eye Elixir

For the most part, its refreshing and cooling on the eye area. The roller ball idea isn’t new, but it does help with the puffiness and dark circles. There is cucumber and raspberry extract to help tone and even out the skin tone. I have used it awhile and it does feel nice and soaks into the skin nicely. I honestly cant’ see much of a difference and my eye area looks ok. Overall, this eye serum is ok. I have used better and I have used worse. Some of the ingredients that is good for you are at the bottom of the list which usually means there isn’t a lot of it. But it does the job and I will continue to use it.


So there is my review on these 3 products I have use. Come back next week for more fun and reviews and tips. Have a good day beauties!


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Lip Balms: My Quest still Continues

Lip balms, lip balms, lip balms. For me, finding the perfect one is never ending. I don’t know how many I have gone through, what has been recommended to me and ones that I ended up throwing out because they sucked. Yes I have thrown ones out after a few uses because they weren’t even worth using. That’s why I am always prepared. I always have a backup and I even carry a couple with me just in case.

I have oily everything, hair, body and face. But when it comes to my lips they are super dry! And I can’t just settle with any lip balm unfortunately. I have used $3 ones and I have used $30 ones and it doesn’t matter who made it and how much it is, it just has to work. There is only less than a handful that I absolutely love and would go back to. But like the ever obsessed one who loves trying anything and everything, I have to try something new all the time. But if I never tried new things out, I would never have found these two lip balms.

Nuxe Rive de Miel Lip Balm Stick

Now I found out from a client about the lip balm in the pot is awesome for very dry lips. That was pretty much the first one that actually worked and I absolutely loved it. And the stick version is actually not that bad. It’s just as good, but I do have to use it a bit more often than the one in the pot. The one in the pot was a bit creamier and it did make it a bit slicker to wear lip gloss over it. So this is the perfect substitute to wear under your lip stuff and it keeps your lips hydrated.

This is also a natural product with 90% of the ingredients coming from natural origin. It is paraben free and perfume free which is perfect for me who likes to wear something on top of it. With honey, sunflower and shea butter, your lips will feel comfortable and protected with this stick.

lip balm

Eos lip balm

For the price and its cute little, round packaging, it wasn’t a bad experience using this. I had the strawberry sorbet scented one and it had a nice, sweet scent. It was definitely a lot better than the other chapsticks around. It was good for the warmer seasons, but in the winter time it didn’t hold up unfortunately. I did have to slather it on and use it quite a bit throughout the day and it still didn’t really keep my lips moist that well. I do still like this product and I will use it during the warmer months.

As for what it contains, It is 95% organic and 100% natural. Not sure what that means, but I know its good stuff for the lips. Among the ingredients are shea butter and Vitamin E and its paraben and petroleum free which is good, because the petroleum doesn’t usually absorb well.


I’m sure in the future, I will post more lip balms, liplglosses and lipstcks that I tend to like for my dry lips. But I mostly wear lipgloss for the obvious reason that it keeps lips hydrated and moist. The only time I really wear lipstick is again during the summer months when my lips are really that dry, thanks goodness.

Until next time, have a good day my beauties!

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The Cleansing Game and Two Reviews

cleanser review


You have no excuse anymore. Today you can wash your face with anything. Even a bar a soap. Everyone says to wash your face before you go to bed. Well you definitely can now. From cleansing water, milks, foaming wash, gel wash, cleansing oil and those cleansing wipes you have tucked in your nightstand for fast a clean before hitting the sack. There is no reason for you not wash your face.

The cleansing game has changed majorly since I started in the beauty industry. And for the better. There only used to be for oily skin or sensitive and normal skin. So either they would over clean or not clean enough. But in recent years, French and Korean inspired skincare has changed that and now we have more choices that we can cater to our skin type. More choices, means more to try, which means I get excited and can’t wait to buy them all!

I don’t stick to one single cleanser, I buy them all and try every one of them that is appropriate for my skin obviously. But for our ever changing seasons I buy one that is gentler in the winter and I buy one that is a bit deeper cleaning for the spring/summer season. But I always buy something different, because I love trying new things out.

I recently just finished one I used for the winter and now have gotten a new one to try. Here is a review on both of them.

cleanser review

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

This is a small Greek company that started out in a pharmacy to help relieve skin conditions. Now its skincare that is made with natural ingredients (86%) and even tells you on the box what it keeps out, which is a lot of chemicals, which is awesome.

Now it is a cream cleanser and it was for my winter routine. But it still gave me a deep clean without stripping the skin. It has ingredients like honeysuckle, amaranth seed extract and of course Greek yoghurt to help soothe and nourish the skin. It is safe for all skin types, including oily skin.

Ole Henriksen Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser

I love this company, because the owner knew what it was like to have acne problems. So he knows that stripping the skin is not necessarily the best thing for oily/acne skin. That’s why I love this product. His new line is for combination/oily skin and it has the right ingredients that work well and doesn’t harm the skin.

This is a gel like cleanser with a somewhat strong scent, but it doesn’t linger. The ingredients that help combat oil, dirt and breakouts are glycolic, lactic acids and neem seed oil. Plus their Green Fusion Complex that has green tea, algae and eucalyptus. It really helps to maintain the skin’s ph balance. Which means it doesn’t strip the skin of oils.

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back for more next week. Have a good day beauties!



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