Sheet Masks Vs. Mask in a Jar: Which one do you prefer?

sheet masks vs. masks

Masks are not just at the spa anymore.  Today you can find masks of all kinds, sheet masks starting from $2.00 and up and even your classic mask in a jar can start from $10.00 and up.  And every one of every skin type can benefit from a relaxing mask once a week.  Now is the fun part of finding the right mask for you.  The mask world has only gotten bigger and will continue to because of the Korean skincare craze.

When I first started in the beauty industry, you were only able to buy a jar of your favorite mask.  For me it was easy, I bought a clay mask for my super oily skin.  But what if you had skin that changed with the season?  You obviously have to buy a new jar of mask.  Which isn’t a huge issue but you would probably have some left over from your other mask that you say you used in the summer but can use in the winter and by the following year that same that mask that you used last summer was probably not good.

That’s why when a few years ago when the whole korean skincare craze came over to Canada and sheet masks started getting more popular, it was a lot easier to choose a mask that would help you figure out what you should be using.

I’ve only started using sheet masks since last year, because my skin started changing.  I wasn’t sure what to use during the cooler seasons because I would always use a clay mask all year round.  That’s why I got interested in buying several different sheet masks to see what I could use before committing to a jar of a mask that I can actually use.  Sheet masks saved my skin and also helped me make a sound decision to buying my first ever hydrating mask in a jar.

I’m really glad that this part of the skincare industry has gotten a bit easier to choose a mask.  It makes my life and I’m sure yours easier to figure out treatment mask for your skin type whenever it is.  Because to me skincare is very personal and you have to make a good decision about it because you will be committed to that skincare for few months for more.  So while there might be more choices in masks, at least those choices can be made by purchasing a sheet mask or a jar of your favorite mask.

I’ve seen the skincare industry change and change for the better.  There is more choices than ever before and I do love choices. So when you go pick out your next great mask, the only thing you have to ask yourself “do I want a sheet mask or a good jar of one maske?”

Until next week my beauties, have a good day!