A Lipstick Love Story: Makeup Forever Artist Rouge

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Everyone that knows me, knows I wear lip gloss almost all the time. It is very rare that I wear a lipstick. And even if I wear lipstick, you will surely see me putting on lip gloss on top of it. I have very dry lips and I stick to lip gloss because they can mask the dryness of my lips and a lot of them are moisturizing and they feel good on the lips. There isn’t a lot of lipsticks that can do the same job, at least I haven’t come across them yet.

So last year I entered into a contest with makeup forever when they were launching their rouge artist collection. I was so excited when I won, but at the same time I was really nervous because I wasn’t sure if I could wear them at all. I won 6 of these beautiful lipsticks to try and I have to say I love them. Like I really love them.

It’s one of the few lipsticks I can wear comfortably and forget that it’s there. They are moisturizing, but yet light weight, because some lipsticks can feel heavy if you want that added moisture. They are fairly long wearing (4-6hours) without having to reapply and they don’t have that stiff and dry feeling like some long lasting lipsticks. The pigments are beautiful and bold. What you see in the tube is what you get on your lips. They also come in matte and satin shades.

I will use about half of them, but the bolder and fun shades, I will leave that to the bold beauties out there who can wear them a lot better than I can. I don’t mind trying new colors out, but the deep blue I think is just not for me. I am going to give you a few tips on finding the right lip shade just for you. This is just a loosely based guideline on how to find the right shade. Whatever you end up choosing has to make you feel good and look good too.

  • Fair-light skin tone can wear light pink, coral, peach, nudes or beige.
  • Medium skin tone can wear rose, mauve or berry colors
  • Tan skin tone is pretty versatile but try coral, deep pinks and lipsticks with orange undertones
  • Deep skin tone can wear browns, purples, wine and plum colors.


Here is a few more tips on keeping it on and making it look great:

  • For a smooth lip, exfoliate with a soft bristle toothbrush or a lip polish like the one from fresh beauty
  • If you want the exact color in the tube, use your foundation to wipe out all color from lips. The natural hue of lips can disturb color of lipstick
  • For more staying power line your lips and paint them with your lip liner before applying lipstick
  • If you found the perfect lip color but can’t seem to find the matching lip liner, find a lip liner that matches your lips closely so it won’t ruin the color of the lipstick. Or find a clear lip liner that will go with everything like the Dior universal contour lip liner.


I hope this helps you on your journey to finding that perfect color. Till next week beauties.

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