About Me

Hi, my name is Annie and welcome to my world of beauty. My love of writing and passion for all things beauty have come together to develop this beauty blog.

                My love of writing started when I was in my teens. I started writing poetry and writing in my journal. I t helped me to talk about and get out my emotions, as I was and still have a hard time explaining myself. But by writing poetry, I am more comfortable talking about that part of me, as well I am more comfortable with myself emotionally and mentally.

My background in beauty is very long. I worked in the beauty industry well over 10 years and I have a very unhealthy obsession with it. I always had problematic skin, so I was very careful with products I used and took good care of my skin. I always do research on products and ingredients and especially love the results you get. My love for skincare literally goes skin deep and although I do have a handful of products that I constantly used over the years, I’m never afraid of trying new things out.

When it comes to makeup, I love how it can transform you, the canvas. The colors, textures and even the packaging they come in sometimes is fun. When you find that perfect lipstick color or the foundation that is right for your skin tone and skin type, it’s like you won the lottery. Because we all know finding the perfect color for you is so tough. You can change your looks so fast, from going fresh faced for a day look to out there glam with a swipe of red lips stick and black eyeliner, it’s no wonder how easily you can fall in love with makeup. And if you don’t like it, you can always wash it off and start the canvas clean again.

My blog, you will find reviews on skincare and makeup, helpful tips and even gain some knowledge on the products I use. So when it comes time to choosing the right product for you, I hope my reviews and tips will help find what you’re looking for and also be easier for you to make the right decisions, because there is so much out there and it can be overwhelming. And having a little bit of knowledge always can help you.

Enjoy my beauties!