Finding the Next Moisturizer: Tips to Help you Find It!

Buying a moisturizer is not easy.  When your current moisturizer is about to finish, you have two choices: repurchase the moisturizer that you currently have or go on that journey of reading blogs, magazines or even doing it the old fashioned way by asking your friends, family or even your colleagues.  There is no right or wrong choice, it’s just a preference and skincare to me at least is a personal and difficult choice.  For me when my face care is finished, I get super excited to buy one I haven’t used yet.  For me, it’s like buying the hottest pair of Stuart wiseman shoes every season.  In this article I’m going to give you some guidelines to finding that next perfect moisturizer.

Know your skin type

And before you start even looking for a moisturizer, you have to know your skin inside and out.  Is it dry?  Does it break out?  Is it flaking?  Is it sensitive?  If you’re not sure and your skin tends to change during the different seasons, you can always go to a place where there are experts that can help answer your questions.  Experts at these places will obviously ask you questions to see what will suit your concerns.  Try to be as honest as possible so these experts can find use the best possible treatments that will make your skin look its best.

Crème, lotion and serum?

Now you know your skin type, do you go for cream or lotion?  And do you need a serum?  You should always use a serum no matter your skin type.  You are supposed to wear it, but for oily your skin types that may be scary, but you don’t have to.  Like me, I only used the serum and it was enough moisture for me.  Why?  Serums absorbed in the skin 3 to 5 times deeper than a moisturizer, they tend to be more potent than the cream and if you have dry skin this serum will stay in your skin longer throughout the day then you’re cream.  As for choosing cream or lotion your skin will definitely let you know.  Essentially it doesn’t absorb well it’s too thick, if your skin still feels tight and uncomfortable you may not be hydrating enough.  In the end your skin will let you know if this moisturizer is right or not.  But don’t forget the serum.

Use separate day and night cream

They do different things and have different ingredients.  Plus having a sunscreen in your moisturizer is a must, at least for me.  You can definitely use one sermon day and night or have a separate one for day and night, that’s up to you.  But you should use different day and night care.

A day cream essentially works to protect and moisturize the skin from your everyday life.  It protects you from smoke, son, even from computer screens and fluorescent lights.  Also keeping the wrinkles and keeping your skin mat or hydrated is also a factor.

Your night cream however works differently.  While you sleep, naturally your skin repairs and detoxifies so you want a face care that helps the process.  Ones that are marked night or no sunscreen are ones you can choose from.  It gives your skin the boost it needs to look its best the next day.  And the next day.  And the next day.  You catch my drift.

Remember, your new face care will generally take 6 to 8 weeks to get full results.  Within that timeframe you will see subtle differences like more hydrated, brighter or less fatigued.  Whatever it’s supposed to do it will do, just be patient.

And if you have specific problems that skincare at your local store can’t solve, you may need to see a dermatologist.  Good luck on your new face care purchase and I hope this article has helped.  Till next week have a good day my beauties.


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Dior:The Lip Duo your Lips Wont Soon Forget!

dior lip duo

The lip duo that your lips won’t soon forget. At least not for me. If you know anything about me, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with all things lips. I’m always on the lookout for that next great lip gloss, lip treatment, lipstick etc. For me, it has to work. I have dry lips and I don’t want them to look bad, so the most important thing for me is that it moisturizes and makes my lips look smoother and softer.
Well how do you decide what is good for you? Well, you just have to start trying products out. With a million choices, getting feedback from beauty experts, reviews from blogs and even word of mouth like your friends, it’s difficult to take advice from elsewhere when you’re not sure if it is the right product for you.
Throughout my years working in the beauty industry, I’ve tried a fair amount of lip products and there is only a few that stands out. This lip duo is what I’ve been using on and off for years. Here is my review on these two gems I found.

Dior lip glow color revival balm
This lip balm came only in one color when it first launched and I’ve always stuck to the original. Since its launch three more colors have entered the scene since. Mine is 001 in pink. This lip balm is a godsend, especially during the summer when I want to minimize my makeup. This is a balm, gloss and color in one tube and who doesn’t want to simplify their makeup bag?
This lip balm’s formula contains mango and luffa cylindrica which helps to soothe the lips. But the secret to this awesome lip balm is that it changes color on your lips! How cool is that? The color is very subtle and natural. I have seen it go on a rosy hue, a berry hue and a light pink hue. For me, it goes on a more berry hue. But don’t worry, this lip balm in particular is so universal that every woman or man of any skin tone can wear this and it will complement your lips beautifully.

Dior addict lip maximizer lip gloss
I know, I know, it’s a plumper and it’s not going to do much. Your right, it won’t. If you only use it once in a while. Give it the proposed 15 days and you’ll see a difference. You won’t look like kim Kardashian but your lips will look subtly fuller, plus the added bonus of this lip gloss hydrating and smoothing your lips. I have 001 in pink, but all colors that they have are fairly transparent when applied. They are meant to be worn alone cause of its gloss effect or under/over lipstick or lip gloss
The scent is what first got me. It’s a minty scent which immediately to me smells refreshing. It applies on very nicely and your lips look much smoother and feels hydrated. The collagen and marine fillers are what helps to plump the lips, but the hyaluronic acid spheres are what helps to moisturize and hydrate.
My personal opinion on this lip plumper: it smooths my lips lines and moisturizes my lips. Anything else is a bonus, the smell alone is so addicting and the way it makes my lips feel and look are fabulous. There is no tingling sensation which is good at least for me.
It’s tough to figure out what is good and what will work. I’ve gone through a lot of lip treatments and its not easy finding the right one. All I know is that these two lip treatments have worked for me in my quest to find lip treatments that work for my dry lips. I’m not afraid to try anything new and when it comes to makeup and skincare be open minded unless you have skin sensitivity and you can’t. I hope this at least helps you with finding something that works. Until next week, have a good day my beauties!

dior lip duo

Nuxe body oil: this one is awesome!

In the last handful of years there has been new ideas of how to put on your body moisturizer.  You can spray them on, you can put them on in your shower or be like me and purchase a dry oil.  Why try a dry oil or even an oil all?  Well, if it’s a good oil you will not have the problem of it absorbing well into the skin.  Plus it’s also very nourishing and also natural.  Experts in the skincare or natural products industry say that anything natural can absorb better and faster than synthetic products.  Well the experts in the company called nuxe know a thing or two about natural ingredients and products.

nuxe body oil

Nuxe huile prodigieuse dry oil

This dry oil was developed when the founder of nuxe wanted something easy and multi-purpose to use, but also natural while she was pregnant.  It is an instant cult classic and definitely a hit with me.  When I say a multi-purpose oil, you can use it on your hair, face and body, plus use it all year round.  It is 97 percent natural and has a nice, sweet smell to it.

This dry oil is super lightweight and melts into your skin very quickly.  It smells nice and sweet, but it doesn’t have a heavy, lingering smell.  Even when it is hot and humid in Toronto it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin which was a bonus.  In the winter time I do use this for my hair by putting it on the ends to nourish and keep from splitting.  I don’t use it on my face because I use other facial products in the winter, but it is safe to use on your face as it is non comedogenic and won’t clog pores.

As well as when I am constantly shaving, this helps to nourish and also my skin is less irritated.  I know its summertime and you don’t want to think about this, but your skin does give dehydrated as well.  You may not see the signs of it right away, but over the summer your skin will start to look parched.  And drinking water is not done enough unfortunately.  So have a good summer, drink lots of water, enjoy the long summer days we have and nourish your skin.  Until next week, see you then my beauties!

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How Cleansing Waters can Change your Life!

L'oreal micellar water

What is so good about a cleansing water?  Or micellar water?  There are many are reasons to use them now that more companies had jumped on the bandwagon and you can easily purchase one for $10.00 or $50.00.

Micellar water is basically small oil molecules or micelles.  It is like a magnet and lifts away dirt and makeup, which is awesome when I’m too lazy to wash my face at the end of a work day.

It’s only been in the last five years or less that I’ve seen them cropping up from various companies.  What’s even better is that’s some companies have created micellar water for specific skin types.  I guess to show variety and comfort people who have sensitive skin or oily skin, but to be quite honest I used cleansing waters before they had one specially for oily skin types and I never broke out or it didn’t feel heavy on my skin.

I would say I started using cleansing waters a few years ago, because I got curious about them.  My very first cleansing water was Lancôme and I fell in love instantly.  Since then I have used many others and they all have not been for oily skin.  Yes that is true, I have not used one specifically for my skin type.  Because I totally believe that you don’t need a cleansing water specifically for oily skin types or any skin types for that matter.  But, if you still feel uneasy about using a cleansing water designed for example normal skin then rest assure there are cleansing waters for all skin types out there.

L'oreal micellar water

L’oreal cleansing water in normal to dry skin

I am partial to L’oreal, so when they introduced their line of cleansing waters, I immediately was drawn to them.  I know they have one for oily skin, but I chose the one for normal to dry skin.  My skin has changed quite a bit, so I chose this one because I want more hydration in my skincare routine.  Again, it does not feel heavy, does not clog my pores and I do not break out.  This cleansing water has no alcohol, no perfume, no oils and soap.  I use it mainly to remove my eye makeup, but when I am lazy I just drench a cotton pad or two, wipe my face of makeup and put on my skin care products and I’m off to bed.

Tip: If your skin or eyes feel irriated or itching from the makeup you wore or even from allergies, soak a cotton pad, put it over your eyes for a few moments. Use it when needed throughout the day. For your skin, I just recommend putting some in a spray bottle and spritz it on to help calm and soothe your skin.

You can definitely use this as your eye makeup remover, toner and to wash your face basically.  It is a three in one product for only $15.00.  I have used cleansing waters double the price and this one doesn’t disappoint.  It is worth using and it even says on the bottle that 400ml equals 200 wipes.  I’m sure they have tested the theory, but I know that I’m sure it will last that long, but I won’t be counting, because I don’t really care.  It works and as long as it works I am happy customer and will gladly recommend this product to anyone.

Thank you for reading this article this week, I will be back next week with yet another product and review.  See you next week my beauties!


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The One Body Cream You Absolutely Must Have!

neostrata review

Are you ready for the summer? Do you have your tinted moisturizer, bronzer, sunscreen and one of the things you need to look your absolute best? A body moisturizer of course! We wear dresses, skirts, t-shirts and shorts and we need to keep our skin looking its best and hydrated at all times. I have found one that will get your skin ready in time, no manual exfoliating involved!

Now this moisturizer I started using it when I was having breakouts on my body (my back) and my dermatologist recommend that I use it for my bacny problem. I simply only used It for that issue only and never really thought to use it anywhere else. At this point though I just wanted my acne problem gone, so I would every other night put it on my back and hopefully it would make the acne and the dark spots it left behind go away. It took a long time, but my hormones had calm down and my acne finally went away. I finally was so happy to stop using it, I never thought about it again. Only the fact that I had a smooth back and it was clear.

I was only 19 or 20, what do you want from me? After a few years, I was looking for something in the fall/winter mainly to keep my skin smooth. At this point, my skin on my legs were itchy and getting a bit red whenever I scratched at it. My regular body moisturizer wasn’t doing it and an manual scrub in the shower wasn’t helping my problem. So I figured maybe that cream I used many years ago that had glycolic acid may do the trick. At least I hope it would..

The moisturizer I am talking about is by Neostrata. It’s called body smoothing moisturizer with 10% glycolic acid. I wasn’t’ sure if it would be the right one because my skin was itching and red. But I was totally wrong and I’m glad I use it. It is perfect for anyone who wants to get their skin ready for the summer. It is super gentle, there is little to no tingle when you first it and its lightweight, which makes it easy for anyone to use it.

Now for anyone who hasn’t used glycolic acid, don’t go crazy with it and use it every day. You really don’t have to do that. I think 2-3 times should suffice if you want to keep your skin looking its best. Any more then this unless otherwise told by your dermatologist and your skin can get dehydrated or even maybe a bit irritated. On the other days, use a regular moisturizer with no glycolic acid. Tip: it also helps get rid of ingrown hairs!

This is one body moisturizer you don’t want to live without. It is so essential in your body care routine and so simple to use. In one day, you will see a difference In your skin, because it will help with exfoliating your skin, keeping it smooth and over time (this part will take time) it will help minimize wrinkles. But using glycolic acid, you must use sunscreen. It doesn’t make your skin irritable or sensitive to sun. Its revealing “baby skin” from the exfoliating process. Getting rid of the old skin, revealing new skin. So you want to treat that new skin and protect it.

So go and enjoy the summer with your beautiful skin revealed. And I’ll see you next week beauties!

neostrata review



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