Finding the Right Scrub for You and Review

Bliss scrub

I have used a form of an exfoliating product since I broke out in high school and needed something to help brighten and get rid of my buildup of oils, dirt and makeup. And especially those damn dark spots that are left over from breakouts and even sunspots, but your gonna need more than a scrub to get rid of those. But as I always keep telling people, there are many products out, just be sure to get the right one for you. Yes scrubs can be difficult as well to find for your skin type. And thankfully they have ones for every skin type.

Generally speaking, oily skin can go with a scrub that is gel based with larger beads. Because it does have to cut through the sebum or oils, dead skin cells and all that pretty makeup we put on. We need something a bit stronger. For oily skin people as well they can afford to scrub twice a week to keep things clear and bright.

For normal/combo skin, you can go either way depending on your skin, seasons changing, etc. But you can use a gel based one, or even ones that are cream based. Ones that are cream based tend not to dry out the skin as much and the beads can vary from small granular beads or large beads for a deeper clean, but it won’t dry out the skin. For this skin type, you can scrub 1-2 a week. It all depends on your skin

Now for the dry skin people, it can be tough because if you have dry skin, it can be sensitive. It has redness and even when you scrub your skin, it can cause more redness or sensitivity then you want to feel. So maybe once a week or every other week. Again, you have to gauge how your skin will feel and how it looks. If your skin still feels tingly or still red after a while, like several minutes, you may need to stop it til you find a product or a routine that works for you.

And obviously there is other forms of scrubs or exfoliators that are out there, like peels, glycolic creams, microdermabrasion etc. And all of those will help with more serious issues like acne scarring, sunspots and those post acne spots after the actual acne is gone. Believe me they work, because a lot of them tend to go deeper to give you the brighter and even tone, but in this article I will only be talking and reviewing a good old manual scrub.

Bliss Micro Magic Microdermabrasion Treatment

If you want skincare that’s gonna treat you like you’re in a spa, this is it. This skincare line is steeped in spa history and experience that it does feel like you are having a spa experience at home. It smells like peppermint that wakes you up and it gets down to business to rid of dead skin cells and brightens the skin. Like microdermabrasion, the fine grains make it even simpler to slough off the dead skin. But at the same time it is very gentle and probably great for all skin types. It even has aloe and mushroom extract to help reduce inflammation.

daily routine

The refreshing peppermint smell caught me off guard, but I loved it and how it felt on my skin. Very fine in texture, it really got everywhere on the face to get rid of my excess oils and it refreshed my skin. I mostly use it in the morning. So my skincare sunk into my skin deeper and makeup looked better. Plus, my did not have any redness after the facial and did not feel tight or dehydrated after cleansing it with this product. I did enjoy it thoroughly and I am having a good experience with it this far. I do use it 2 times a week and my skin is fine with it. Here is my day routine when I use it in the morning.

Until nextweek my beauties, have yourself a spa day at home. Bye for now.