My First anti-aging cream: Dior Face Cream and Review

Dior capture totale skincare


This week on my blog I will be talking about my first time ever using an anti aging cream.  Yikes!  Well I’m not sure a lot of women want to talk about anti aging in general including what they use on their face but since I work in the beauty industry we all know that it’s coming.  And what not better way to start with one of the luxurious lines Dior.

Dior has always been one of my favorite makeup lines to use.  The ever popular air flash foundation is light and flawless, their glosses are super shiny and beautiful colors to choose from and their super popular mascaras that are so hard to choose from because they are all results driven.  So you could see why I was curious to see if skincare products were just as good as their makeup.

Now to be honest I have used some of their skincare products and I’ve had great success with them in the past such as their hydra life serum and moisturizer was super hydrating it made my skin supple and soft, plus it gave me a nice glow to the skin.  Their cleanser and toner for combination skin was gentle but deep cleaning and their eye makeup remover took off all traces of eye makeup in seconds.  Their one essential serum and eye cream were one of the best products I used ‘cause when I first started using them, I couldn’t help noticing that people were complimenting me on my skin.  So I’m hoping that I’ll get the same kind of results I got from their other skincare products with this one that I will be reviewing today.

Dior Capture Totale Multi Perfection and Crème (Universal texture)

The sleek, nice packaging and when you press the button to pop open is probably the fanciest jar I’ve had to date.  But you hope that the cream that resides in it can do miracles for your face especially when it’s an anti aging cream that promises to even out skin and smooth out wrinkles.

This cream is meant to revitalize the skin from deep within, giving your skin all more toned, elastic and a suppler look.  Plus it evens out the skin texture and gives you a nice glow to your skin hence the name Capture Totale.  Now you might think I’m a little too young to use this cream, but this cream can be worn by women in their thirties and up.  And since I am 35 I figured we start with this.

The most important ingredient in this cream is a rare flower from Madagascar that is called Longoza.  By adding this in the moisturizer, the mother sells at the origin of skin are being revitalized to help boost collagen and elasticity.  Other ingredients in this moisturizer are mango seed oil, licorice extract which both of these ingredients helped to nourish and soothe skin.  Plankton extract and evening primrose extract that will help to keep skin strong and preserve it.

My personal opinion on this multi perfection cream is that I don’t break out.  It feels very nice and comfortable on the skin when I put it on but when I wake up in the morning it does feel a bit heavy and I feel greasy but somehow I still don’t break out which is fine for me.  I’ve used it only for one month and so far I’ve had no issue whatsoever with my combination/oily skin.  But this is the universal texture, there is a light texture if you are more comfortable with that one.

The scent of the moisturizer is light and beautiful.  It’s a very light floral with a kind of sweetness to it but it does disappear after several minutes.  I don’t use a serum underneath this moisturizer because it’s usually enough for me.  In the month that I’ve used it, my skin has some serious glow to it.  It definitely feels more comfortable and hydrated and I know it sounds kind of weird but what ever breakouts I do have seems to be healed and my skin recovers from them quicker.  By the way this cream is not meant for breakouts, it’s just what I’ve observed with my skin so everyone is going to have a different reaction or results to this.

As for any into wrinkle action, I really don’t have wrinkles on my skin except on my forehead when I raise my eyebrows and I haven’t seen too much of a difference there yet but with anything anti wrinkle it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks.  So maybe when I’m done using it all give you my end results or at least in a couple months I can tell you the full story and see from their.  Maybe I will do a part two and let you know how the results are but so far so good!

Until next week, have a good day my beauties!

Dior Skincare routine Capture Totale

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