How Cleansing Waters can Change your Life!

L'oreal micellar water

What is so good about a cleansing water?  Or micellar water?  There are many are reasons to use them now that more companies had jumped on the bandwagon and you can easily purchase one for $10.00 or $50.00.

Micellar water is basically small oil molecules or micelles.  It is like a magnet and lifts away dirt and makeup, which is awesome when I’m too lazy to wash my face at the end of a work day.

It’s only been in the last five years or less that I’ve seen them cropping up from various companies.  What’s even better is that’s some companies have created micellar water for specific skin types.  I guess to show variety and comfort people who have sensitive skin or oily skin, but to be quite honest I used cleansing waters before they had one specially for oily skin types and I never broke out or it didn’t feel heavy on my skin.

I would say I started using cleansing waters a few years ago, because I got curious about them.  My very first cleansing water was Lancôme and I fell in love instantly.  Since then I have used many others and they all have not been for oily skin.  Yes that is true, I have not used one specifically for my skin type.  Because I totally believe that you don’t need a cleansing water specifically for oily skin types or any skin types for that matter.  But, if you still feel uneasy about using a cleansing water designed for example normal skin then rest assure there are cleansing waters for all skin types out there.

L'oreal micellar water

L’oreal cleansing water in normal to dry skin

I am partial to L’oreal, so when they introduced their line of cleansing waters, I immediately was drawn to them.  I know they have one for oily skin, but I chose the one for normal to dry skin.  My skin has changed quite a bit, so I chose this one because I want more hydration in my skincare routine.  Again, it does not feel heavy, does not clog my pores and I do not break out.  This cleansing water has no alcohol, no perfume, no oils and soap.  I use it mainly to remove my eye makeup, but when I am lazy I just drench a cotton pad or two, wipe my face of makeup and put on my skin care products and I’m off to bed.

Tip: If your skin or eyes feel irriated or itching from the makeup you wore or even from allergies, soak a cotton pad, put it over your eyes for a few moments. Use it when needed throughout the day. For your skin, I just recommend putting some in a spray bottle and spritz it on to help calm and soothe your skin.

You can definitely use this as your eye makeup remover, toner and to wash your face basically.  It is a three in one product for only $15.00.  I have used cleansing waters double the price and this one doesn’t disappoint.  It is worth using and it even says on the bottle that 400ml equals 200 wipes.  I’m sure they have tested the theory, but I know that I’m sure it will last that long, but I won’t be counting, because I don’t really care.  It works and as long as it works I am happy customer and will gladly recommend this product to anyone.

Thank you for reading this article this week, I will be back next week with yet another product and review.  See you next week my beauties!