Keeping My Face Shine Free

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I’ve used powders ever since I started using makeup. It has been a necessary staple in my makeup bag, as I am constantly using it to keep my skin looking fresh and less oily. It’s probably the easiest thing you can do to keep oily skin at bay. For me, I’ve used a lot of different products to figure out what would best keep me shine free.
For me, it’s less is more kind of deal. I’ve used primers, balm, pore minimizers an all I did was keep piling on the product on my face and at the end of the day I sometimes felt like I was wearing a mask or I just look like I didn’t put anything to keep me shine free. Don’t get me wrong, I still use a primer or pore minimizer on special occasions, but on a day to day look where I just need a touch up and go on breaks at work or before I go out to dinner, I just use blotting paper and powder. Yep, that’s it. No secrets, no tricks, just two items. Today I am writing about the two great powders that I am currently using.

Hello Flawless Powder Foundation in Amber

This powder gives you a natural, matte look. It comes with a brush and sponge so you have a choice of natural or fuller coverage. They say it’s for all skin types, but I couldn’t see normal/dry skin wearing it, because even for my combination/ oily skin its very matte looking. If someone with drier skin uses this, definitely moisturize and add a highlighter on top to get that dewy look. I put on a brighter blush then usual to keep my skin looking fresh. By mid-day when I do my usual blotting and powder, it really looked pretty good and I didn’t have to do much, just around my nose area. I like that it’s doing its job, but when summer comes around, I’m sure it will definitely hold up and keep me shine free.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating perfecting powder in Light-Medium

This is my second time using this powder and I love how you can shave a little bit at a time to get only the amount you need. I think because of this, for me it lasts a long time. I mean I use it 2-3 a day, so if it lasts a long time for me, that’s a good thing. It really helps when you have to carry it everywhere like me and you don’t have to worry about it messing your make-up bag.
This is one of the few powders that can be worn on any skin type. Smashbox really went all out on this one and loaded it up with skin friendly ingredients. With minerals, amino acids, pure gold and a peptide to hydrate the skin, this powder won’t make you look matte or lifeless. It feels light on the skin and it gives me a nice matte look, but also a bit of a glow. When the weather is a bit cooler I will definitely use this, but I’ll see how my skin is during this summer.
It is tricky when you have oily skin. You have to go with what works. For me, it’s pretty simple, but for others it may not. Give the product a couple of weeks before saying it works or not. Your skin will let you know one way or another if it loves the product or absolutely hates it. Until next week, have a good day my beauties!

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