Lip Balms: My Quest still Continues

Lip balms, lip balms, lip balms. For me, finding the perfect one is never ending. I don’t know how many I have gone through, what has been recommended to me and ones that I ended up throwing out because they sucked. Yes I have thrown ones out after a few uses because they weren’t even worth using. That’s why I am always prepared. I always have a backup and I even carry a couple with me just in case.

I have oily everything, hair, body and face. But when it comes to my lips they are super dry! And I can’t just settle with any lip balm unfortunately. I have used $3 ones and I have used $30 ones and it doesn’t matter who made it and how much it is, it just has to work. There is only less than a handful that I absolutely love and would go back to. But like the ever obsessed one who loves trying anything and everything, I have to try something new all the time. But if I never tried new things out, I would never have found these two lip balms.

Nuxe Rive de Miel Lip Balm Stick

Now I found out from a client about the lip balm in the pot is awesome for very dry lips. That was pretty much the first one that actually worked and I absolutely loved it. And the stick version is actually not that bad. It’s just as good, but I do have to use it a bit more often than the one in the pot. The one in the pot was a bit creamier and it did make it a bit slicker to wear lip gloss over it. So this is the perfect substitute to wear under your lip stuff and it keeps your lips hydrated.

This is also a natural product with 90% of the ingredients coming from natural origin. It is paraben free and perfume free which is perfect for me who likes to wear something on top of it. With honey, sunflower and shea butter, your lips will feel comfortable and protected with this stick.

lip balm

Eos lip balm

For the price and its cute little, round packaging, it wasn’t a bad experience using this. I had the strawberry sorbet scented one and it had a nice, sweet scent. It was definitely a lot better than the other chapsticks around. It was good for the warmer seasons, but in the winter time it didn’t hold up unfortunately. I did have to slather it on and use it quite a bit throughout the day and it still didn’t really keep my lips moist that well. I do still like this product and I will use it during the warmer months.

As for what it contains, It is 95% organic and 100% natural. Not sure what that means, but I know its good stuff for the lips. Among the ingredients are shea butter and Vitamin E and its paraben and petroleum free which is good, because the petroleum doesn’t usually absorb well.


I’m sure in the future, I will post more lip balms, liplglosses and lipstcks that I tend to like for my dry lips. But I mostly wear lipgloss for the obvious reason that it keeps lips hydrated and moist. The only time I really wear lipstick is again during the summer months when my lips are really that dry, thanks goodness.

Until next time, have a good day my beauties!