L’oreal Lash Paradise Mascara Review: I Love Mascaras!

L'oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

When it comes to mascara I want to try up all of them!  New, old and best-selling ones that I have yet to get my hands on.  They make your lashes longer, thicker and fan them out to look like they are false and if someone says they look false, well that’s just icing on the cake.  That is exactly what I’m looking for but try finding one ‘cause in a sea of mascara as well as finding the perfect mascara wand it can be daunting and troublesome.

As a teen I started with mascara and lip gloss hence the obsession started.  My first mascara?  The L’oreal voluminous mascara that changed my world.  Now you have to remember this was my first mascara and on my first time buying a mascara, it did everything I wanted it to do.  It thickened, made my lashes longer and it didn’t clump.

Fast forward to today and I’ve tried quite a few mascaras since then.  Everything from $10.00 to $50.00, new mascaras and best-selling ones.  I even bought ones that I was constantly selling to my clients and even ask them why they liked it so much.  Word of mouth is probably the best way you can find your next mascara.  That is how I found and bought my latest mascara.  For the last couple months, this mascara been selling out and we are constantly trying to keep it in stock which I took as a good sign and figured I should try it out.  Here is my review of the L’oreal mascara.

L’oreal lash paradise mascara

Currently L’oreal says that this is the number one selling mascara in Canada which may be true because it keeps selling out in my store.  But L’oreal is a mascara giant when it comes to drugstore makeup.  They have so many mascaras to choose from and each mascara addresses a certain need for all women which is why I can’t sleep go back to them and pretty much have tried all their mascara is that they have come out with.

This mascara is made for length and volume and an added bonus, it makes your lashes feel very soft and light to the touch.  The wand is a soft bristle in a wavy shape that deposits the formula evenly on your lashes.  And 1 to 2 coats you get instant volume and also fans out the lashes nice and evenly without it looking clumpy.

My personal thoughts on this: this mascara is another hit for me from L’oreal!  The formula and the brush work well to give me a nice length and instant volume.  This is what I’m usually looking for in a mascara because my lashes are short and fine. For me in 2 to 3 coats and some wiggling in between gets me the results I’m looking for.  It stays on all day and no flakes fall on my cheeks which you all know you’ve had that problem before in the past with a mascara.  There’s no scent which I like and I really like the soft bristle brush as opposed to the plastic ones I see out in the mascara world that pull and tug at my lashes.

There will always be the newest and latest mascara out there and I would love to try every one of them if I can.  But for now this is my fave mascara and for my fave company no less.  L’oreal has made a lasting impression on me because my first purchase ever of a mascara was by them and it was a hit.  I hoped you have that kind of impression from A makeup company that you keep going back to.  Because being a teen was hard enough, your makeup shouldn’t be.  Until next week, have a good day my beauties!

Loreal lash paradise mascara

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