My New Face Serum and are They Worth It?

My new fave serum is Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II by Estee Lauder. Prior to this new formulation of this serum, I had used it before and got a bad reaction to it. Rash, redness, bumps and a week’s worth of trying to calm it down with moisture masks and soothing, mineral water spray and plus not being able to wear any makeup, but a tinted moisturizer. I said I would never try it again for obvious reasons. Did I also mention that I never had a reaction to anything before this, so I was very surprised about this myself.
That was about 3 years ago. So when this new formulation came out, I was really hesitate to try it out myself. The reviews and what people were saying about it made me eventually break down and try it. And I am glad to report today that I am enjoying this serum second time around. I have been using it so far for a couple of weeks and my skin is hydrated and looks less fatigued.

The serum is great for all skin types and great for any age as it helps with skin tone, signs of aging and hydrates. With hyaluronic acid and their Chronolux CB technology, it literally synchronizes your skin. Because as you age and external aggressors affect your skin, it can look dull, tired and uneven looking. Plus every 28 days your skin sloughs off naturally but not evenly, especially when you get older. That’s where peels and scrubbing comes in. What this serum helps to do is repair the network of your skin or synchronize it, so when you srub, peel or when the natural process of shedding your skin happens, it can reveal a more even and healthier looking skin.
Do I think serums are worth it? Damn right I do! Here’s why:

You get results a bit faster in conjunction with moisturizer or by itself versus not using it all.
It goes deep into the skin, because of the smaller molecules in the serum so it hydrates better
Any skin type can benefit from using a serum.

These are just a few reason why serums are so awesome. As of right now for me, I use it every night and most of the time I wear it alone. Once in a while I do layer it with a hydrating oil free lotion, as my skin does feel dehydrated during the winter months. But I do have oily skin, this is why I can get away with wearing a serum alone. Only you know what your skin needs, so play around with your skincare, because there is so much out there. And for me, that is the fun part.
Until next time, have a good day beauties!