Nuxe body oil: this one is awesome!

In the last handful of years there has been new ideas of how to put on your body moisturizer.  You can spray them on, you can put them on in your shower or be like me and purchase a dry oil.  Why try a dry oil or even an oil all?  Well, if it’s a good oil you will not have the problem of it absorbing well into the skin.  Plus it’s also very nourishing and also natural.  Experts in the skincare or natural products industry say that anything natural can absorb better and faster than synthetic products.  Well the experts in the company called nuxe know a thing or two about natural ingredients and products.

nuxe body oil

Nuxe huile prodigieuse dry oil

This dry oil was developed when the founder of nuxe wanted something easy and multi-purpose to use, but also natural while she was pregnant.  It is an instant cult classic and definitely a hit with me.  When I say a multi-purpose oil, you can use it on your hair, face and body, plus use it all year round.  It is 97 percent natural and has a nice, sweet smell to it.

This dry oil is super lightweight and melts into your skin very quickly.  It smells nice and sweet, but it doesn’t have a heavy, lingering smell.  Even when it is hot and humid in Toronto it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin which was a bonus.  In the winter time I do use this for my hair by putting it on the ends to nourish and keep from splitting.  I don’t use it on my face because I use other facial products in the winter, but it is safe to use on your face as it is non comedogenic and won’t clog pores.

As well as when I am constantly shaving, this helps to nourish and also my skin is less irritated.  I know its summertime and you don’t want to think about this, but your skin does give dehydrated as well.  You may not see the signs of it right away, but over the summer your skin will start to look parched.  And drinking water is not done enough unfortunately.  So have a good summer, drink lots of water, enjoy the long summer days we have and nourish your skin.  Until next week, see you then my beauties!