The One Body Cream You Absolutely Must Have!

neostrata review

Are you ready for the summer? Do you have your tinted moisturizer, bronzer, sunscreen and one of the things you need to look your absolute best? A body moisturizer of course! We wear dresses, skirts, t-shirts and shorts and we need to keep our skin looking its best and hydrated at all times. I have found one that will get your skin ready in time, no manual exfoliating involved!

Now this moisturizer I started using it when I was having breakouts on my body (my back) and my dermatologist recommend that I use it for my bacny problem. I simply only used It for that issue only and never really thought to use it anywhere else. At this point though I just wanted my acne problem gone, so I would every other night put it on my back and hopefully it would make the acne and the dark spots it left behind go away. It took a long time, but my hormones had calm down and my acne finally went away. I finally was so happy to stop using it, I never thought about it again. Only the fact that I had a smooth back and it was clear.

I was only 19 or 20, what do you want from me? After a few years, I was looking for something in the fall/winter mainly to keep my skin smooth. At this point, my skin on my legs were itchy and getting a bit red whenever I scratched at it. My regular body moisturizer wasn’t doing it and an manual scrub in the shower wasn’t helping my problem. So I figured maybe that cream I used many years ago that had glycolic acid may do the trick. At least I hope it would..

The moisturizer I am talking about is by Neostrata. It’s called body smoothing moisturizer with 10% glycolic acid. I wasn’t’ sure if it would be the right one because my skin was itching and red. But I was totally wrong and I’m glad I use it. It is perfect for anyone who wants to get their skin ready for the summer. It is super gentle, there is little to no tingle when you first it and its lightweight, which makes it easy for anyone to use it.

Now for anyone who hasn’t used glycolic acid, don’t go crazy with it and use it every day. You really don’t have to do that. I think 2-3 times should suffice if you want to keep your skin looking its best. Any more then this unless otherwise told by your dermatologist and your skin can get dehydrated or even maybe a bit irritated. On the other days, use a regular moisturizer with no glycolic acid. Tip: it also helps get rid of ingrown hairs!

This is one body moisturizer you don’t want to live without. It is so essential in your body care routine and so simple to use. In one day, you will see a difference In your skin, because it will help with exfoliating your skin, keeping it smooth and over time (this part will take time) it will help minimize wrinkles. But using glycolic acid, you must use sunscreen. It doesn’t make your skin irritable or sensitive to sun. Its revealing “baby skin” from the exfoliating process. Getting rid of the old skin, revealing new skin. So you want to treat that new skin and protect it.

So go and enjoy the summer with your beautiful skin revealed. And I’ll see you next week beauties!

neostrata review