Nuxe body oil: this one is awesome!

In the last handful of years there has been new ideas of how to put on your body moisturizer.  You can spray them on, you can put them on in your shower or be like me and purchase a dry oil.  Why try a dry oil or even an oil all?  Well, if it’s a good oil you will not have the problem of it absorbing well into the skin.  Plus it’s also very nourishing and also natural.  Experts in the skincare or natural products industry say that anything natural can absorb better and faster than synthetic products.  Well the experts in the company called nuxe know a thing or two about natural ingredients and products.

nuxe body oil

Nuxe huile prodigieuse dry oil

This dry oil was developed when the founder of nuxe wanted something easy and multi-purpose to use, but also natural while she was pregnant.  It is an instant cult classic and definitely a hit with me.  When I say a multi-purpose oil, you can use it on your hair, face and body, plus use it all year round.  It is 97 percent natural and has a nice, sweet smell to it.

This dry oil is super lightweight and melts into your skin very quickly.  It smells nice and sweet, but it doesn’t have a heavy, lingering smell.  Even when it is hot and humid in Toronto it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin which was a bonus.  In the winter time I do use this for my hair by putting it on the ends to nourish and keep from splitting.  I don’t use it on my face because I use other facial products in the winter, but it is safe to use on your face as it is non comedogenic and won’t clog pores.

As well as when I am constantly shaving, this helps to nourish and also my skin is less irritated.  I know its summertime and you don’t want to think about this, but your skin does give dehydrated as well.  You may not see the signs of it right away, but over the summer your skin will start to look parched.  And drinking water is not done enough unfortunately.  So have a good summer, drink lots of water, enjoy the long summer days we have and nourish your skin.  Until next week, see you then my beauties!

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The Only and Best Bronzer You’ll Ever Need

Guerlain the best bronzer

It’s officially summer.  Time to bring out the sunscreen, the self-tanner and of course the bronzer.  I have brown skin, so I don’t need the self-tanner.  But the sunscreen and bronzer I can definitely live with.  There are so many out there that even me, a beauty expert can’t decide which to choose.  And every year there is always a new one, a limited edition one and then there’s ones that are liquid or powder.  I could go on about them being shimmery, matte or even a little bit of both.  And yes I do get shinier during the summer, but I don’t wanna wear my powder that helps keep me matte.  I want something that’ll give me that summer glow.  But also won’t add to my shiny problem.

Guerlain terracotta bronzer light in blond #2

That’s why I’m happy to say I found a bronzer that gives me that glow I’ve always wanted, but also keeps my shine at bay.  It is the guerlain terracotta light number two in blond.  This series of bronzers have a multitude of colors.  These bronzers have a mixture of matte and shimmer to them and complementary colors that go together to give you that summer glow.

There is four colors to choose from in this collection.  Ranging from light blond to dark brunette.  I chose blond number two which is the lighter one.  I didn’t want to look to bronzed up, because my oily skin is a factor I have to consider.  Plus I was going to use it all for my face, so I wanted a more natural glow and if I chose the darker one it would probably not look that great once my oils on my face started coming out after a few hours.

The way that I applied it on my face is the “3” application.  You start from the center of your forehead and literally do the number three on either side of your face.  That way your skin gets a nice glow all over and add some on your nose and chin to even out.  For a little more color I add more on my cheeks to finish the look. If you want a more sculpted look, add to jawline and cheeks.

Personally I am new to using a bronzer on myself.  But for many years I effortlessly applied them to my customers who were new to using one or just upgrading from another one that they didn’t like anymore or suit their color.  When looking for a bronzer, ask for help because sometimes it can get bit tricky picking the right color for yourself.  I know they can get a little bit on the orange side and that’s why guerlain has an array of bronzers to choose from.  I mean alot to choose from and that’s why they are probably the best bronzers that I’ve ever come across.  They too have ones that have a more pink hue for women who are fair and ones that have a more deeper colors that aren’t necessarily orange but more of a deep tan tone.

Good luck on your journey to finding that perfect bronzer and if you already have then apply and have a great summer.  Until next week my beauties have a good week!

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How Cleansing Waters can Change your Life!

L'oreal micellar water

What is so good about a cleansing water?  Or micellar water?  There are many are reasons to use them now that more companies had jumped on the bandwagon and you can easily purchase one for $10.00 or $50.00.

Micellar water is basically small oil molecules or micelles.  It is like a magnet and lifts away dirt and makeup, which is awesome when I’m too lazy to wash my face at the end of a work day.

It’s only been in the last five years or less that I’ve seen them cropping up from various companies.  What’s even better is that’s some companies have created micellar water for specific skin types.  I guess to show variety and comfort people who have sensitive skin or oily skin, but to be quite honest I used cleansing waters before they had one specially for oily skin types and I never broke out or it didn’t feel heavy on my skin.

I would say I started using cleansing waters a few years ago, because I got curious about them.  My very first cleansing water was Lancôme and I fell in love instantly.  Since then I have used many others and they all have not been for oily skin.  Yes that is true, I have not used one specifically for my skin type.  Because I totally believe that you don’t need a cleansing water specifically for oily skin types or any skin types for that matter.  But, if you still feel uneasy about using a cleansing water designed for example normal skin then rest assure there are cleansing waters for all skin types out there.

L'oreal micellar water

L’oreal cleansing water in normal to dry skin

I am partial to L’oreal, so when they introduced their line of cleansing waters, I immediately was drawn to them.  I know they have one for oily skin, but I chose the one for normal to dry skin.  My skin has changed quite a bit, so I chose this one because I want more hydration in my skincare routine.  Again, it does not feel heavy, does not clog my pores and I do not break out.  This cleansing water has no alcohol, no perfume, no oils and soap.  I use it mainly to remove my eye makeup, but when I am lazy I just drench a cotton pad or two, wipe my face of makeup and put on my skin care products and I’m off to bed.

Tip: If your skin or eyes feel irriated or itching from the makeup you wore or even from allergies, soak a cotton pad, put it over your eyes for a few moments. Use it when needed throughout the day. For your skin, I just recommend putting some in a spray bottle and spritz it on to help calm and soothe your skin.

You can definitely use this as your eye makeup remover, toner and to wash your face basically.  It is a three in one product for only $15.00.  I have used cleansing waters double the price and this one doesn’t disappoint.  It is worth using and it even says on the bottle that 400ml equals 200 wipes.  I’m sure they have tested the theory, but I know that I’m sure it will last that long, but I won’t be counting, because I don’t really care.  It works and as long as it works I am happy customer and will gladly recommend this product to anyone.

Thank you for reading this article this week, I will be back next week with yet another product and review.  See you next week my beauties!


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The One Body Cream You Absolutely Must Have!

neostrata review

Are you ready for the summer? Do you have your tinted moisturizer, bronzer, sunscreen and one of the things you need to look your absolute best? A body moisturizer of course! We wear dresses, skirts, t-shirts and shorts and we need to keep our skin looking its best and hydrated at all times. I have found one that will get your skin ready in time, no manual exfoliating involved!

Now this moisturizer I started using it when I was having breakouts on my body (my back) and my dermatologist recommend that I use it for my bacny problem. I simply only used It for that issue only and never really thought to use it anywhere else. At this point though I just wanted my acne problem gone, so I would every other night put it on my back and hopefully it would make the acne and the dark spots it left behind go away. It took a long time, but my hormones had calm down and my acne finally went away. I finally was so happy to stop using it, I never thought about it again. Only the fact that I had a smooth back and it was clear.

I was only 19 or 20, what do you want from me? After a few years, I was looking for something in the fall/winter mainly to keep my skin smooth. At this point, my skin on my legs were itchy and getting a bit red whenever I scratched at it. My regular body moisturizer wasn’t doing it and an manual scrub in the shower wasn’t helping my problem. So I figured maybe that cream I used many years ago that had glycolic acid may do the trick. At least I hope it would..

The moisturizer I am talking about is by Neostrata. It’s called body smoothing moisturizer with 10% glycolic acid. I wasn’t’ sure if it would be the right one because my skin was itching and red. But I was totally wrong and I’m glad I use it. It is perfect for anyone who wants to get their skin ready for the summer. It is super gentle, there is little to no tingle when you first it and its lightweight, which makes it easy for anyone to use it.

Now for anyone who hasn’t used glycolic acid, don’t go crazy with it and use it every day. You really don’t have to do that. I think 2-3 times should suffice if you want to keep your skin looking its best. Any more then this unless otherwise told by your dermatologist and your skin can get dehydrated or even maybe a bit irritated. On the other days, use a regular moisturizer with no glycolic acid. Tip: it also helps get rid of ingrown hairs!

This is one body moisturizer you don’t want to live without. It is so essential in your body care routine and so simple to use. In one day, you will see a difference In your skin, because it will help with exfoliating your skin, keeping it smooth and over time (this part will take time) it will help minimize wrinkles. But using glycolic acid, you must use sunscreen. It doesn’t make your skin irritable or sensitive to sun. Its revealing “baby skin” from the exfoliating process. Getting rid of the old skin, revealing new skin. So you want to treat that new skin and protect it.

So go and enjoy the summer with your beautiful skin revealed. And I’ll see you next week beauties!

neostrata review



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Finding the Right Scrub for You and Review

Bliss scrub

I have used a form of an exfoliating product since I broke out in high school and needed something to help brighten and get rid of my buildup of oils, dirt and makeup. And especially those damn dark spots that are left over from breakouts and even sunspots, but your gonna need more than a scrub to get rid of those. But as I always keep telling people, there are many products out, just be sure to get the right one for you. Yes scrubs can be difficult as well to find for your skin type. And thankfully they have ones for every skin type.

Generally speaking, oily skin can go with a scrub that is gel based with larger beads. Because it does have to cut through the sebum or oils, dead skin cells and all that pretty makeup we put on. We need something a bit stronger. For oily skin people as well they can afford to scrub twice a week to keep things clear and bright.

For normal/combo skin, you can go either way depending on your skin, seasons changing, etc. But you can use a gel based one, or even ones that are cream based. Ones that are cream based tend not to dry out the skin as much and the beads can vary from small granular beads or large beads for a deeper clean, but it won’t dry out the skin. For this skin type, you can scrub 1-2 a week. It all depends on your skin

Now for the dry skin people, it can be tough because if you have dry skin, it can be sensitive. It has redness and even when you scrub your skin, it can cause more redness or sensitivity then you want to feel. So maybe once a week or every other week. Again, you have to gauge how your skin will feel and how it looks. If your skin still feels tingly or still red after a while, like several minutes, you may need to stop it til you find a product or a routine that works for you.

And obviously there is other forms of scrubs or exfoliators that are out there, like peels, glycolic creams, microdermabrasion etc. And all of those will help with more serious issues like acne scarring, sunspots and those post acne spots after the actual acne is gone. Believe me they work, because a lot of them tend to go deeper to give you the brighter and even tone, but in this article I will only be talking and reviewing a good old manual scrub.

Bliss Micro Magic Microdermabrasion Treatment

If you want skincare that’s gonna treat you like you’re in a spa, this is it. This skincare line is steeped in spa history and experience that it does feel like you are having a spa experience at home. It smells like peppermint that wakes you up and it gets down to business to rid of dead skin cells and brightens the skin. Like microdermabrasion, the fine grains make it even simpler to slough off the dead skin. But at the same time it is very gentle and probably great for all skin types. It even has aloe and mushroom extract to help reduce inflammation.

daily routine

The refreshing peppermint smell caught me off guard, but I loved it and how it felt on my skin. Very fine in texture, it really got everywhere on the face to get rid of my excess oils and it refreshed my skin. I mostly use it in the morning. So my skincare sunk into my skin deeper and makeup looked better. Plus, my did not have any redness after the facial and did not feel tight or dehydrated after cleansing it with this product. I did enjoy it thoroughly and I am having a good experience with it this far. I do use it 2 times a week and my skin is fine with it. Here is my day routine when I use it in the morning.

Until nextweek my beauties, have yourself a spa day at home. Bye for now.



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