My Peel Story: Neostrata Peel and Review

neostrata peel review

The one thing I haven’t talked about on my blog yet is peels.  I do peels every fall and winter and sometimes during the spring and I’ve been doing them at home for many years.  I have gotten great results from these at home treatment and these skincare treatments are getting much better and there is a wide variety of peels to choose from today.  Who doesn’t love a deep exfoliation?  Peels smooths the skin, helps fade dark spots, helps to minimize wrinkles, make pores look smaller and smooth out acne scars.  And doing it at home is even better.

I started doing peels at 19 when I went to my dermatologist’s office and he recommend I do them.  I was doing them for several weeks when the person applying the peel on my face mentioned that my skin we didn’t really need this and basically tell me I shouldn’t be here until my mid thirties maybe.  Yep that is what she told me and I took it as a compliment and didn’t really start doing them until my late twenties.  I am 35 now and I’ve noticed my skin texture is rough and uneven, so I’ve bought a peel this time that is stronger than the ones I normally use.  Here is my review of the neostrata peel.

Neostrata brightening peel solution: 25% exfoliating complex

So this at home peel has one of the highest acid content and other concentrated ingredients that I have seen in the market, plus keep in mind that only 20% of any type of exfoliating acid can be sold over the counter.  So let me break down the ingredients that is included in this peel starting with a 10% glycolic acid and gluconolactone which helps to remove dead skin cells and smooth out the skin but doesn’t make the skin feel uncomfortable after washing off.  The next ingredient is 5% fruit enzymes which in this case they use papaya which helps to hydrate and stimulate the exfoliation process.  They have also added a 2% Ginowhite that are brightening peptides that helps to reduce the look of dark spots.

As I said before, peels are not new to me so when I opened this bottle up to start my first peel, I was a bit surprised that it was a gel like texture.  All peels that I’ve used so far were liquid or soaked on a cotton pad so this one was a first for me but the application was the same.  Soak it on a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face and neck area.  I did feel a bit of the tingling for a few minutes after I applied it but after that I didn’t feel it anymore. About 15 to 20 minutes later wash it off and apply a nourishing serum and cream afterwards.

My personal opinion on this is so far so good.  My skin is smoother, my acne marks are fading and my pores are definitely smaller.  I’ve only used it a few times so far so my acne scarring hasn’t really changed much.  But I guess maybe a few more times and I will probably hopefully see a difference in my acne scars.  I also didn’t mind the gel like texture because it almost felt like it was moisturizing my skin in a way because even when I washed it off my skin didn’t feel as uncomfortable as it did in the past peels that I’ve used before.  So that is definitely a bonus that I really like about this peel.

Now here comes the part where I tell you to wear sunscreen.  This is hands down a no brainer when using any type of acids on your face, you need to wear sunscreen if you want to get the results you want from these types of peels.  Also when you’re resurfacing your skin like this you revealing new skin underneath all that dead skin cells that you have just removed and you want to protect that new skin as much as possible.  So sunscreen is a must.

Peels may not be for everyone because of their skin type.  If you’ve used at home peels before and you are very sensitive to them, maybe seeing a dermatologist will help you to get you on the right track of what’s best for you.  Maybe all you need is too use a manual scrub once or twice a week for your skin type, but you have to see what is best for you by exploring your options and asking for help when you need it.  ‘cause when it comes to your skin, what you do to it will definitely show on your face literally!  Until next week my beauties have a good day!

neostrata peel review

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