Review of Drugstore Makeup: L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation

L'oreal True Match foundation

Finding makeup especially A foundation for me has got to be one of the toughest things to find.  My criteria for the right foundation is it has to be oil free, light weight, gives me the coverage I want which is medium to full coverage and doesn’t give me the extra shine on my already oily skin.  The price of the foundation is not usually an issue for me as long as it fits the criteria above I’m usually up for spending a few extra dollars.

For many years I only used a concealer and powder foundation and when I finally moved on to a liquid foundation, I pretty much used luxury makeup foundations because it was pretty easy finding the perfect color for my skin tone.  The one foundation that I’ve been using constantly was the Dior air flash because it was light and full of pigments and pretty much one of the best-selling spray on foundations.  But now I am open to try a drugstore foundation which I will be talking about in this article.  So I will start off with the classic L’oreal true match foundation and here is my review.

L’oreal true match super blendable foundation

Over the years this foundation has been a great seller and always in the limelight.  Well for one it has great color range and you can choose whether you’re a cool, neutral or warm coloring.  Which is generally a good thing because finding a drug store foundation that can match well with your skin tone is somehow still a bit difficult to find.

To be quite honest it is still not that easy to find a drugstore foundation for I because it’s either to light, to dark or even if it’s close to my skin tone it can be to pink or white on my skin.  I am a brown woman who can wear a neutral or yellow undertone in the foundation.  So that’s why I went for this foundation because it did have varying shades of my skin tone.

With over 20 colors to choose from and wide range you can definitely find a shade for you.  Its oil free, light weight and supposedly it’s for all skin types.  It does however contain vitamin a and to brighten and nourish the skin, grapefruit extract and wheat germ to help skin keep hydrated throughout the day and doesn’t fall into your lines.  This foundation has what you call a precise match technology that looks like second skin and you can control the coverage you want.

So my thoughts on this foundation is you definitely don’t need a lot of it.  A little bit on my brush instantly gives me medium coverage.  Add a little more and I get full coverage which is odd because their website says light to medium coverage.  I don’t actually have to use too much concealer with this one because it covers my dark spots and imperfections which makes my life so much easier in the morning.L'oreal true match foundation

I have been using it for a few weeks now and although it is oil free, doesn’t clog my pores and light weight it does make my skin shinier.  I can definitely use this in the winter because as it gets colder I don’t have that shiny problem but I’ll be putting this foundation on my makeup shelf for the spring and summer.  So for anyone who does have a shine issues throughout the day or basically oily skin I would not recommend this foundation for you.  Make sure you wear a setting powder as well because it does transfer everywhere!

As for the color itself with its color match technology I picked out W7 called caramel beige.  When I do put it on it does kind of look a bit too dark but as I blend it in it goes on seamlessly and matches my skin very well.  But because of my oily skin if I do not blot my skin throughout the day, the color would change slightly and go a bit darker on my skin.  So blotting paper and on matte powder is what I need to keep the shine at bay and the color looking perfect.

For $20.99 this drugstore foundation for me personally isn’t that bad.  Although I do have some issues with it, I don’t break out which is awesome and it’s one of the few drugstore foundations that has a decent color for me.  I’m pretty sure I would buy this again, but since it is my first drug store foundation I’ve bought I can’t say that for sure until I’ve used a few more to determine if I would buy it again or not.  But I would definitely recommend it to my clients and to anyone who needs a good foundation for a great price.  Until next week my beauties have a good one!


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