The Benefits of using a Serum and A Review of Clinique Custom Repair

clinique serum review

Do you use a serum in your routine?  If you don’t why not?  A serum can really be effective in conjunction with the rest of your skincare routine.  But why?  It’s just another thing to put on my face and my skin can’t handle all that moisture.  I know how you feel, but if I had to choose I would pick a serum over a moisturizer.  Here are a few benefits of using a serum.

  • It sinks into the skin deeper so it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day batter
  • Oily skin can benefit from a serum because of how quickly it sinks in to the skin leaving no residue or feelings of heaviness on the skin
  • It has about 2 to 5 times more potency than the face cream. And using it in conjunction with cream, you can have a better results vs.  Using no serum
  • A moisturizer or sunscreen usually sits on top of the skin so it isn’t moisturizing the skin all day causing skin to feel uncomfortable, tight and dehydrated. That’s why putting a serum under your moisturizer will help skin stay hydrated all day.
  • Wearing a sunscreen and being outside all day can leave your skin very thirsty. Drink your water, but also put on a serum before your sunscreen so you can keep your skin hydrated as much as possible.  Plus again it is super light so you won’t feel it.


Clinique smart custom repair serum

I am not a fan of Clinique, but I have used a few of their skincare products.  Unfortunately I had no success with them because they were either too heavy feeling, did not absorb well and it was too strong and irritating my skin.  The only skincare product that was comfortable to use was there cleansing gel.  So trying this all in one custom repair serum, I was going into this as a very skeptical person.  Because of my history and plus a serum claiming it can do everything for your skin, you kind of want to try it and put it to the test.

The first thing about this serum is that the ingredients list is very long!  This serum says it is suitable for sensitive skin, but just read the ingredient list to make sure you’re not allergic to any one of these ingredients.  Because it is designed to handle all skin issues including acne scarring, uneven skin tone and wrinkles that’s why the ingredients list is super long.  From licorice extract that reduces inflammation, vitamin C for dark spots, salicylic acid and glucosmine for brightening, palmitoyl oligopeptide to boost collagen and ultrsomes and roxisome for UV damage.  Throw in some hyaluronic acid and you have a hydrating serum to go.

So far it has only been three weeks and I have no problem with the serum so far.  My skin feels hydrated, feels soft and my skin doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable.  I haven’t seen much of a difference in my skin as far as it being brighter or more even, but that hopefully will come in time and with the weather changing I tend to break out a bit more then usual.  But it hasn’t caused any more issues, so that is a good thing for me.

It’s hard going back to the skincare company that you’ve used some products from them and you haven’t had a good experience.  So being open minded can be tough when you come across a product that seems so irresistible that you need to try it.  Don’t let a bad experience stop you, you may never know if that’s the product that will change your skin or even your mind towards that brand.  Maybe this is the product that will change my mind towards Clinique, but only time will tell.  Until next week, thank you for reading this article and I’ll see you next week my beauties!

clinique serum review