The Cleansing Game and Two Reviews

cleanser review


You have no excuse anymore. Today you can wash your face with anything. Even a bar a soap. Everyone says to wash your face before you go to bed. Well you definitely can now. From cleansing water, milks, foaming wash, gel wash, cleansing oil and those cleansing wipes you have tucked in your nightstand for fast a clean before hitting the sack. There is no reason for you not wash your face.

The cleansing game has changed majorly since I started in the beauty industry. And for the better. There only used to be for oily skin or sensitive and normal skin. So either they would over clean or not clean enough. But in recent years, French and Korean inspired skincare has changed that and now we have more choices that we can cater to our skin type. More choices, means more to try, which means I get excited and can’t wait to buy them all!

I don’t stick to one single cleanser, I buy them all and try every one of them that is appropriate for my skin obviously. But for our ever changing seasons I buy one that is gentler in the winter and I buy one that is a bit deeper cleaning for the spring/summer season. But I always buy something different, because I love trying new things out.

I recently just finished one I used for the winter and now have gotten a new one to try. Here is a review on both of them.

cleanser review

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

This is a small Greek company that started out in a pharmacy to help relieve skin conditions. Now its skincare that is made with natural ingredients (86%) and even tells you on the box what it keeps out, which is a lot of chemicals, which is awesome.

Now it is a cream cleanser and it was for my winter routine. But it still gave me a deep clean without stripping the skin. It has ingredients like honeysuckle, amaranth seed extract and of course Greek yoghurt to help soothe and nourish the skin. It is safe for all skin types, including oily skin.

Ole Henriksen Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser

I love this company, because the owner knew what it was like to have acne problems. So he knows that stripping the skin is not necessarily the best thing for oily/acne skin. That’s why I love this product. His new line is for combination/oily skin and it has the right ingredients that work well and doesn’t harm the skin.

This is a gel like cleanser with a somewhat strong scent, but it doesn’t linger. The ingredients that help combat oil, dirt and breakouts are glycolic, lactic acids and neem seed oil. Plus their Green Fusion Complex that has green tea, algae and eucalyptus. It really helps to maintain the skin’s ph balance. Which means it doesn’t strip the skin of oils.

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back for more next week. Have a good day beauties!