Three Reviews On Masks

I remember my first mask. It was by Neostrata. It was a clay mask and I’m pretty sure it had glycolic acid as well. I had very oily skin and I was breaking out a lot and I needed something to keep my oils and breakouts in check. Something that would give my skin that extra boost.  And I was thinking to myself it won’t work, it’s just a mask. Boy I was so wrong! Not only did it help to clear up my skin, but it kept my skin mat and my pores small. From that day on I use masks religious 1-2 week to keep my skin glowing and refreshed.

I’ve only used clay masks until last year when my skin changed and in the fall I noticed my skin was feeling dehydrated and tight. So now I can actually purchase a more hydrating mask. I’ve even used a brightening sheet mask and it was awesome. Here is a few reviews on the masks that I have been using.

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repairing Mask

Just by looking at this mask you think you got an expensive yogurt. Well it’s kind of true. It does have yogurt in it but it’s supposed to be for your face. It feels like yogurt and it even smells like a blueberry yogurt, but the stuff they pack into this antioxidant rich mask is great. It’s also antiaging, nourishing, and fights those external aggressors and it makes your skin feel super soft. Plus it’s for all skin types.

Laneige calls it sogarty which is a type of yogurt to help soothe skin. Top it off with raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and cranberry extract and all you need is a spoon…or I mean a good rinse of the skin and you’re all set for the day. I swear I’m talking about a mask!

My thoughts on this. I have combo/oily skin and I did not break out. That being said, I found this mask to be a delight to use. It did not feel heavy when I applied it on my skin. The smell was subtle, but so delicious. I left it on for about 10 mins and it washed off pretty easy. My skin felt absolutely soft and it definitely felt hydrated. The next day it still felt soft and hydrated and it looked even brighter when I finished putting my skincare on. It definitely was worth buying.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

This is a gel based mask made for any skin type. Its light, refreshing and it hydrates. Because it is a gel based any skin type including oily can benefit from it.

The star ingredient rose water and rose petals helps to soothe and hydrate the skin. They say it contains 50% rose water and 2 and half roses in each jar, which is a lot of roses. And you can definitely smell it. With the added green tea extract, it helps to brighten the skin tone and detox the skin and aloe vera and cucumber extract to help soothe and heal skin it definitely is a go to if you need that extra boost of moisture.

Personally for me it hydrated, it made my skin refreshed and felt soft and smooth. I did enjoy using it very much. I didn’t see a difference in my skin tone, it didn’t look brighter or anything but maybe I was expecting too much. I don’t know. But the smell of it was a little to strong for me and even when I rinsed it off I could still smell it after a awhile. Again I am sensitive to smells on the face, so that is just me.

Mask review


Pur Dirty Girl Clay Mask

Although this happens to be a makeup based company, it just happens to have a cult favorite clay mask. I have been using it now for the past couple summers and it is one of my fave clay masks I’ve used.

Usually clay masks are for combo to oily skin, but this clay mask in particular is perfect for all skin types. I did check reviews out for this product and even women who says they have dry skin found it very helpful and loved how their skin felt. The active ingredients in it are salicylic acid which exfoliates, pascalite clay which absorbs oil and dirt. Cucumber and aloe vera to soothe, brighten and heal. So it does have ingredients that will be gentle for normal to dry skin. Just be sure you can handle a clay mask because even you have dry skin, it can be sensitive to acids In general.

Because it is a clay mask, it does dry up and tighten up on the face. It may be somewhat tingling, but I didn’t feel any. They say leave it on 5-20 min. I left it on for about 20mins and rinsed my skin looked clearer, pores tighten and I had a very nice matte look too. If you do this before you put your makeup on, your skin looks even brighter. I love this mask and I would totally recommend using this mask for sure.

That’s all for this review, hope it helps you. Till next week beauties