Upping My Cleansing Game with Clarisonic

clarisonic review

What do you do when you are given a cleansing device that supposedly cleanses your skin six times better than your hands?  What’s wrong with using my hands?  I mean I’ve used them this long?  So what’s so special about this cleansing device?  That’s when me being open minded came in handy and I’d just dove right in.

So not only does it deep clean your skin, you will use less cleanser and your face treatments such as your serum and moisturizer will work better to give you that beautiful, glowing skin that you always wanted.  Well do you think it worked?  Did I get those results that I’ve longed for and have been chasing for many years?  Well read on to find out more about the cleansing devise that I awkwardly started using many years ago.

Clarisonic Mia two cleansing device

3-4 years ago when I received the clarisonic cleansing devise they only carried three devices at the time.  It was only sold in Sephora and now in shoppers.  Now they have many types of cleansing devices to choose from as well as a makeup brush and also many brush heads to choose from.

The one I currently have is the Mia two which has two speeds.  First speed is gentle and the second speed is a bit more vigorous for cleansing.  I honestly thought it would slow down my cleansing routine but I am happy to say that I actually enjoy washing my face now.

Weird right?  I mean it’s only adding to your cleansing routine, what is so different about this device?  Well it only takes a minut

clarisonic review

e and at each part of the face there are a certain amount of seconds before it vibrates to let you know to move on to another part of a face.  The rule of thumb is 20 seconds on the forehead, 10 seconds on each side of the face which are your cheeks and 20 seconds for the T zone area.  Plus it will accept any type of cleanser whether it’s a creamy or gel type, it ensures that you get the best results possible.

It’s definitely results I have gotten from this device.  My black heads have been reduced, my pores are definitely smaller and overall my skin is more uniform.  I seriously cannot wait to wash my face because I know it will help to brighten and also helps with my breakouts when I have them.

I have personally seen a difference in my skin.  When I first received this device I did cleanse my skin with it twice a day.  Now I just use it once a day when it’s colder and twice a day during the warmer season or when my skin is breaking out or looking a little dull or tired.

My choice of brush heads have also varied over the years.  So far I have used the one for acne prone skin, normal skin and my current one, the radiance brush head has been my current favorite one for the last couple years.

Now there are many different cleansing devices out there.  Just be sure to do your research on these devices as they are not that cheap!  Find one that is right for you and get cleansing.  Have a good day my beauties!

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