Who Doesn’t Love A Good Mascara?

mascara review

The first mascara I ever bought was the one I used for years before I actually started exploring other great finds. My very first mascara was L’oreal voluminous and like everyone else you just have to go on a whim and try it. With its black and gold tube and off white packaging, its unassuming but simple package you just are curious if it works. I got home and immediately tried it on and it was love at first brush stroke.

Over the years when L’oreal came out with a new mascara, I would go out and purchase it immediately and give it a go. It’s one of the very few companies that I could go back to and purchase a mascara and I would be satisfied with it. This time again I have bought another one from them.

I do keep my routine in the morning simple and quick so I can get out the door without thinking about my makeup. I’m sure you’re like me and you want something simple, but also looks good. What has never changed in my routine is my mascara and black eyeliner. So here is a review of my newest mascara.

L’oreal Voluminous Superstar

First I have to say how handy it is to have a primer and mascara in one package. I know they had or still have a red and white one that was the same idea, but the brushes on this one are different from the red and white one. The brush is absolutely important to me. It has to get every lash and deposit the mascara nice and evenly on your lashes. These brushes do it all and I absolutely love it. Both primer and mascara both fan out my lashes and it doesn’t look clumpy or it doesn’t flake off either. It stays on all day and the best part? It comes off easily when I wash my face in the evening. I always use an eye makeup remover to get off any other makeup like eyeliner or concealer, but if I’m wearing only mascara, I skip this part. It’s that easy and it’s all in one package.

Here is also few a tips on using a mascara:

  • If the brush looks clumpy from the mascara, just dab it on a tissue to get excess off
  • Thicker lashes? Cost both sides of lashes with mascara
  • If mascara formula is too dry or flaky, a few drops of saline solution (contact lens solution) in the tube should make liquid again
  • If same color as your brows, use mascara to make them look thicker and set them
  • Lashes look clumpy? De clump by using a clean toothbrush, run it through lashes until desired look.

Until nextweek, have a good day my beauties.


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