Why Should You Use A Toner?


Do you use a toner? Do you need one? Why should I use a toner? These are definitely good questions to ask. But it’s one of those things that there is no right or wrong answer. I started with a cleanser and toner when I was starting my skincare routine, so for me it comes natural and it has always been in my routine. I couldn’t see myself not using it. But I’m a bit of a skincare junkie, so I may be biased. But it wouldn’t hurt to use one right?

Do you need one? Well, its not exactly a necessity for your whole routine, but your skin can definitely benefit from it once you find the right one. Think of it this way, you change your skincare according to the season. You wear more or less moisturizer when it gets warmer or colder. Think of the toner as a moisturizer. I mean it does balance out the skin, and it does give it moisture. So maybe when its time to change you routine, think about adding a toner if you don’t already have one. It just may change how you feel and change your skin too.

Why should you use a toner? Why should you use a sunscreen? When you start your whole skincare routine, you start after you cleanse, not with your moisturizer.  Because toners add moisture to your skin that all skin types can benefit. Or treat the skin like a glycolic acid toner that’s usually for combination/oily/acne prone skin. I think once you start thinking like that, you can begin to realize that it can be an important part of your skincare routine. Here is a few added benefits to adding it your routine.

  • People who wear a lot of sunscreen, heavy makeup or have oily/acne skin will benefit from a toner, as it can wipe away excess makeup, dirt and oils to keep your skin squeaky clean.
  • Your cleanser can stripe your skin of oils, so when you use a toner, it can balance your ph levels out. Your skin’s ph levels are at a 5.5. by the way. We want to keep it as close to that as possible.
  • It helps to tighten pores to make skin look smoother and brighter.
  • A good, quality toner can help hydrate the skin and also protect it from dirt getting into your pores and help boost your moisturizer’s efficacy.
  • Combination/oily skin can benefit from a toner by simply getting rid of excess oil, or getting rid of dead skin cells. While dry skin can get an extra boost of moisture.

Plus here is a review of a toner I used that really helped my skin glow and looking its best.

Estee Lauder Micro Essence

This toner is probably the best one I’ve used in a long time. I was really surprised at how effective it worked. And when I put it on my skin, it really refreshed my face and gave it a brighter look to it. It was not heavy on my skin at all. It tighten my pores and I loved the mild scent of it. I believe it’s for all skin types (yes including oily) as its non comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores. The ingredients in this toner includes caffeine, citric acid and chamomile. All ingredients that are fabulous for your skin. And that’s why you have such a brighter, refreshed look to your skin, even after a long day of work or play. I really did like this toner and I would buy it again if I wasn’t such a skincare junkie and wanted to try every toner in sight.

There aren’t that many good toners out there as you would think. So be careful, read labels and make sure it doesn’t have alcohol in it, because a lot of them do still. Have a good day beauties!