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Glycolic Acid- An exfoliating agent that provides smoother, soft and supple skin for a youthful appearance.

It also comes from sugar cane, which technically it is sugar, but a more natural version and you’re putting it on your face. But this is one of the powerhouse ingredients that everyone in the beauty industry knows that it can’t be beat. Except for vitamin A, but that’s another post for later. This star ingredient takes care of wrinkle, age spots or acne spots, scarring and overall appearance of brighter and even toned skin. Whatever your concern is, find a cream with this ingredient and look no further.

I myself have used various products over the years. I started at the dermatologist’s office with peels, vitamin A cream and glycolic cream later to maintain my results. Then later on after a few years, I started breaking out again and this time I started working in the beauty industry and I knew what to use. For many years I had very oily skin and my skin could handle all of what I was doing. My routine started in fall/winter and I would use toner (8% glycolic acid), a cream with 8% acid and peels with 20% AHA’s. Yep, and I was fine with it. Then up until a couple years ago I actually stopped using the toner, got a normal one and switched up my peels for a less irritating one.

Now this past winter, I break out a lot less and my skin is dehydrated. So while I’m in the midst of looking for a good routine that works, this is the one cream that I’m currently using that has glycolic acid.

Reversa spf 15 anti wrinkle cream with 8% glycolic acid

I chose this one because it does give your skin moisture, but it’s light enough that combination/oily skin can wear it. I intended to use it during the day, but it didn’t mix well with my foundation, which is fine, but I decided to use it during the night. Yes it is fine to use at night even if it does have sunscreen. It has 8% percent glycolic acid, which is fairly high if you never used it before. But I am more than comfortable using this and results I saw within 2 weeks. I used to put it on every evening, but I my skin got to dehydrated doing that. So when I use it, I put a serum on first, then put on this cream. The next evening I put on a serum and a hydrating moisturizer on. The results are smoother skin, but especially helps with my dark spots and acne. Plus it’s a Canadian company, what more can you ask for?

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Here is a few tips as well if you haven’t used a cream with glycolic acid before. Nothing to be afraid of, but things you should be doing anyway. Here they are:

  • Wear sunscreen! No matter what you need to, because it is exfoliating your skin and revealing new skin, you want to protect it and it may get sensitive. Plus wearing sunscreen should be in your routine anyways.
  • If your skin starts to feel dehydrated, tight or dry, try to wear a serum under it. If it still feels uncomfortable, then use it every other night. Find a pattern that fits you and your skin.
  • Try spraying on a thermal spray before your daily routine. My skin does feel tight and dehydrated after I wash my face in the morning. So for a little extra moisture, I spray on some thermal water to help relieve it and hydrate my skin back just like that. Plus its really good for setting makeup.

I hope this helps you find a great cream for yourself and follow me on Instagram or twitter or Google+. As always, have a good day beauites.

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