My 2 Current Foundations: Review

Why do I have 2 foundations? Why not? Doesn’t every woman have that? Or am I just a makeup junkie? Well maybe a bit of a junkie. But here is my excuse. It’s because on my days off, I don’t want to wear a lot of stuff on my face. Here is my reviews on my 2 current foundations.

Guerlain Terracotta Jolie Teint

I’ve only used a few tinted moisturizers and this is my favorite. It has s.p.f. 20, which is enough for my oily skin and very light weight. It doesn’t make my skin have that weird, heavy feeling when wearing it all day, but it still keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes I don’t have to wear anything underneath it, so it makes my routine on my days off so simple. I just put some bronzer on top of it to give me a nice glow, also by Guerlain and I’m set for the day. A tinted moisturizer that protects, hydrates and so lightweight and gives me the perfect coverage for my oily skin. I’m so in love.

Dior Airflash Foundation

By far this is my absolute favorite foundation, it’s not a foundation that has those vitamins or antiaging properties. But yet, it gives you medium to full coverage, it can be used on all skin types and It blends so easily into the skin. It’s just one of those foundations that is a foundation in its simplest forms. Put simply: it’s just a foundation and it is fucking awesome!!! Plus, most if not all make up products that you see in-store are actually used on the runaway.

There are several different ways to put this foundation on. But to get its full effect of it, I use a face and body brush, so it’s puffy and big. (Dior also sells a brush specifically for this foundation just in case you wanted to know). I spray directly onto brush and go in circular motions on the face. This way, it helps to blend in easily and buffs the skin a bit to give it a glow. Or I use a multi-purpose brush that is flat on top, but still thick, and spray directly on it too and it gives me fuller coverage by using this brush.

And for the ones who want to be daring, you can also spray directly on the face. You can use a normal foundation brush for this, but any foundation brush you choose is fine as well. Make sure you wear a headband, so hair stays out of the way. Shake bottle, and do little spritzes a time. Regardless, it’s going on your lids, your lips, brows etc. After your done spraying, it’s just blend, blend, blend! I don’t do it this way anymore, because it just took too much time and also very wasteful of the product.

I hope you find this helpful. See you next week beauties!

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