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My Journey In Dealing with Acne

Darphin review

The main reason why I started my journey into skincare was because of my acne. I’ve always had a problem with acne since my teens and I still continue to have this problem.

Having acne sucks. Big time! I mean it’s right there on your face. Big or small breakouts, its saying “hello, I’m going to ruin your day today.” You want to cover it up with makeup, so it looks a little less scary looking, but at the end of the day it looks a lot worst then when you woke up. It’s a vicious cycle because you want to cover it up, but you don’t want to clog your pores etc. I know, I’ve been there and I’ve done it.

Well to make it better I went through a lot of treatments and products. Gone to dermatologists and took what ever treatment and medications they gave me to help treat my acne. When I wasn’t doing that, I was doing peels and facials at spas, buying masks, moisturizers and any other treatment I could get my hands on to help with my acne. And even for a last ditch effort I bought the proactive set and boy it was a waste of money.

After many years of treatments, I just gave up. My skin wasn’t getting any better. But I realized that I have to accept that this will be a long term problem and that I have to slow down and actually see what works. I was just piling on the stuff and maybe if I introduced the products slowing onto to my skin one at a time, I can see what works or not. I slowly eliminated the products that didn’t work and finally was able to see results over time.

It took me several years to find my sweet spot, but I did through trial and error. It won’t be easy I can tell you that. And products may not work as well on your skin as it does on others. But as a general rule, glycolic acid and vitamin A does work on oily/acne skin. Start their first and once that starts working, you can branch out to other stuff like masks, peels and other creams. But you can’t use these ingredients in products all the time. You do need to find alternatives cause glycolic acid and vitamin A can over dry your skin, cause irritations and may cause sensitivity. Here is a product I found that works well and its natural.

Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm

When we started selling this line at where I worked it was flying off the shelf. So I got curious and wondered if it really was worth the money and if actually worked. It was a client who actually sold me on this product. She raved about how it worked and how it cleared up her skin so well that it didn’t irritate the skin. So when I got it and tried it, I was shocked that something natural and no harsh ingredients actually worked.

For starters, it certified by ecocert because 100% of its ingredients come from a natural origin. With 12 essentials coming from flowers, spices and plants, it helps to calm skin, reduce breakouts and give your skin a nice even complexion. Lavender, apricot, sunflower and grapefruit is just a few of the ingredients that are so skin friendly. It is a balm that turns into an oil when warmed up in your hands. And a lot goes a long way.

For me, If my skin feels dehydrated before putting it on, I use a serum first. You can use it every day if you want, use it a few times a week to just maintain your skin. Or like me, just use it when you feel a breakout coming on and use it for several days until breakout has disappeared.

If you’re still looking for something, maybe this might be the product for you. I don’t know what will work for your skin, only you and your skin will know until you find those products that will help. I do know that you will find them as long as you keep an open mind and do your research and ask people who have similar problems. Good luck on your journey and I hope it gets easier for you. Until next week my beauties!

darphin review

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The Two Important Things you’ll Need For the Summer

skicare review

There is only two things you will definitely need for the summer that everyone should have handy. We all know that I am going to say sunscreen. And it truly is a lifesaver and skin saver at that. I am obsessed with wearing it. I mean OBSESSED! I don’t care whether its winter, spring or summer its on my face regardless. One, because it can help prevent types of skin cancers, but also I want to age gracefully too. Call me a little vain but if that’s what it takes to get you wearing one too, well by all means wear it for whatever reason, but wear the damn sunscreen.

The other thing I will talk about is a thermal spray water. I know a lot of people may not think of it as an essential or even a basic thing everyone should have. But why not? It is so simplistic in what it is, but it is such a multi-tasker, especially in the summer time. From soothing sunburns, cuts and rashes to setting your makeup and hydrating the skin at the same time, it should be in everyone’s bag, car, fridge etc. It’s almost like a hidden secret that no one knows. Today’s post I will write a review on both my current sun care and the thermal water I use.

avene review

Avene Thermal Water Spray

What does it do? Why should I use it? What is it exactly? All good questions and here is the answers to it. It does everything! Well for me, I bought it and started using it many years ago when I was deep into doing peels, using glycolic treatments constantly. After these treatments, my skin would be very dehydrated, which is normal. So I started spraying this thermal water on afterwards and it felt so nice and soft afterward, that I continued to use it even to this day for after shaving my legs and in winter when my skin gets itchy and dry. I spray this on before I moisturize and it really helped soothe my skin. My husband even uses it after he shaves, because it comes down his skin too. My husband doesn’t use anything on his face except this. So that should tell you how good it is.

“Originating as pure rain mixed with sea-spray rich in mineral salts, Avène Thermal Spring Water makes its 50-year journey through the Cévennes Mountains in Avène, France.It gradually becomes infused with trace elements and silicates, and comes in contact with an ancient microorganism Aqua.Dolomiae, which was first identified by Avène in 2001. This remarkable biological property combined with the well-known mineral properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water ensures gentleness and tolerance, creating a unique double signature that does not exist anywhere else in the world.”


If you would like more information, I have typed out the website at the bottom of this page. But basically you need to have this in your life, because it will do wonders for you and your skin.


Clarins spf 40 Sunscreen

Anyone who is reading is will know that clarins has discontinued this product! They have replaced it with one that has spf 50. Its mixed reviews on that one, because apparently it’s not the same texture and consistency like this one. I’m not sure if I’ll try that one, but I know this one is perfect for my oily skin. Super comfortable, lightweight and it glides on easily. Its perfect under makeup and my makeup doesn’t look goopy or it doesn’t add shine to my already shiny face. It goes on matte, almost feels powder like. I truly love this sunscreen and I would have gone back to it if they still sold it. Until then, i will keep using this one til its done.

I think when you add these to your skin care routine, you will obviously see changes in your skin. They are the simplest things you can add to your routine to keep your skin looking its best. So why not go for it? Why not do what you can to keep your skin healthy?

Until next week my beauties, have a good day!



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Even Oily Skin Needs Moisture

moisture review

Psst, even oily skin needs moisture. Your skin produces oil or sebum, although it doesn’t need a heavy cream, a light lotion or even serum will do the job. For oily and acne skin, we all know alcohol in skincare is bad, but we still use products that will over do its job. Like for instance it can cause tightness in skin, flakiness in skin even breaking out more and over producing oils. YUCK! Somehow we have to find a happy balance where you and your skin can be happy together. Unless told by your dermatologist that you can’t use a cream outside of your routine, then start wearing one. Here I will tell you what I did and what I do now and give you a review of a moisturizer I currently use.

My journey into finding the right skincare was after I stopped using the products from my dermatologist, I had to go out and find my own. Not easy, but I found a sweet beauty expert at my local drugstore who listened to me and recommend me a lotion to start. I remember it was light, smelled kind of nice and it was from vichy.  I wore it day and night, sometimes I forgot, but I was young and this was before I got in to the beauty industry. Once I got into the industry, I did a 180 and started wearing a sunscreen and was still skimping on night moisturizer, except when I found neostrata lotion with glycolic acid for my pores, acne and oil. Once I had that under control and spring/summer came around, I still needed something for my night routine.

Enter serums. Yep serums. They can be an oily skin’s best friend. And especially if your still hesitant about using an actual moisturizer. Not only do they do the job, they have active ingredients, they go in to the skin 3-5 layers deeper and you get good results. There are even serums for oily skin too.

Now here is a review of a moisturizer I currently use that I totally love. And great for combo/oily skin.

Darphin Hydraskin Essential Emusion

I’ll be honest, I never thought that a natural skincare product would really do anything for my skin. So I was very skeptical using this moisturizer, which means it really had to impress me on what it said it would do. Well, boy I was wrong. I didn’t start using this product first, but other ones which were a great success, but when I used this I fell in love. Not only was it light weight and didn’t feel heavy on the skin at all, but when I consistently used it, my skin felt so comfortable and looked overall better. With mango extract, lavender and shea butter (yep shea butter) my skin felt so hydrated and soft. Plus it’s made up of 84% natural ingredients. It even says on the box. And its oil-free and an emulsion, which is light enough for combination/oily skin. Plus, I never broke out and I didn’t look any shinier then normal really was a bonus.

Here is a few tips on looking for the correct type of moisturizer for your oily skin

  • Read label to see if it says oil-free, non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t clog pores)
  • To make you feel even more comfortable it should say dermatologist tested and alcohol free.
  • Look for a moisturizer that says “gel” “lotion” “matte” or “hydration” There usually oil-free and light weight.
  • If you want a moisturizer that has an active ingredient look for ones that say “treatment” Read the ingredients too see as well what they are. You are usually looking for retinal, a form of vitamin A or even glycolic acid, which both help with oily, acne prone skin.

Always make sure you read label and ingreidents and go with your instinct. Only you know your skin and what it needs. And no matter what wear your sunscreen! Until next week my beauties!

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Keeping My Face Shine Free

powder review


I’ve used powders ever since I started using makeup. It has been a necessary staple in my makeup bag, as I am constantly using it to keep my skin looking fresh and less oily. It’s probably the easiest thing you can do to keep oily skin at bay. For me, I’ve used a lot of different products to figure out what would best keep me shine free.
For me, it’s less is more kind of deal. I’ve used primers, balm, pore minimizers an all I did was keep piling on the product on my face and at the end of the day I sometimes felt like I was wearing a mask or I just look like I didn’t put anything to keep me shine free. Don’t get me wrong, I still use a primer or pore minimizer on special occasions, but on a day to day look where I just need a touch up and go on breaks at work or before I go out to dinner, I just use blotting paper and powder. Yep, that’s it. No secrets, no tricks, just two items. Today I am writing about the two great powders that I am currently using.

Hello Flawless Powder Foundation in Amber

This powder gives you a natural, matte look. It comes with a brush and sponge so you have a choice of natural or fuller coverage. They say it’s for all skin types, but I couldn’t see normal/dry skin wearing it, because even for my combination/ oily skin its very matte looking. If someone with drier skin uses this, definitely moisturize and add a highlighter on top to get that dewy look. I put on a brighter blush then usual to keep my skin looking fresh. By mid-day when I do my usual blotting and powder, it really looked pretty good and I didn’t have to do much, just around my nose area. I like that it’s doing its job, but when summer comes around, I’m sure it will definitely hold up and keep me shine free.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating perfecting powder in Light-Medium

This is my second time using this powder and I love how you can shave a little bit at a time to get only the amount you need. I think because of this, for me it lasts a long time. I mean I use it 2-3 a day, so if it lasts a long time for me, that’s a good thing. It really helps when you have to carry it everywhere like me and you don’t have to worry about it messing your make-up bag.
This is one of the few powders that can be worn on any skin type. Smashbox really went all out on this one and loaded it up with skin friendly ingredients. With minerals, amino acids, pure gold and a peptide to hydrate the skin, this powder won’t make you look matte or lifeless. It feels light on the skin and it gives me a nice matte look, but also a bit of a glow. When the weather is a bit cooler I will definitely use this, but I’ll see how my skin is during this summer.
It is tricky when you have oily skin. You have to go with what works. For me, it’s pretty simple, but for others it may not. Give the product a couple of weeks before saying it works or not. Your skin will let you know one way or another if it loves the product or absolutely hates it. Until next week, have a good day my beauties!

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