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My Skincare Routine for my Body and A Review

Clarins Body lotion skincare

It’s that time of the year when we have to put away our summer clothes, put our sandals at the back of the closet and freshen up our makeup and skincare.  We tend to gravitate towards nourishing and more moisturizing products to comfort and soothe our skin because we definitely take a hit when the cold, harsh winter hits us.

Since last winter I noticed my skin getting drier and a bit if she now and then, especially when it got very cold.  And since last winter I’ve added another product to my routine for my body.  I actually have three products that I use on my skin for my body.  Crazy right?  But not exactly, at least I don’t think so.  I’ve just found a routine that works for me.

The three products that I’ll be using this winter will be a thermal spray water to help soothe and calm down itching on my skin, a body moisturizer that has 10% glycolic acid that I use a couple times a week to help exfoliate the skin and a body moisturizer to help keep my skin healthy and nourished throughout the winter months.  In this post, I will be talking about the third product and give you both links down below to the thermal water spray and the 10% glycolic acid body moisturizer I use.

clarins body lotion review

Clarins satin  smooth body lotion

I love products from this line because I’ve never run into a problem with their skincare, so I decided to get their body lotion.  This body lotion is lighter and melts into the skin very quickly which I love because my skin can’t really handle heavy or greasy creams.  This body lotion has the right amount of moisture to keep my skin moisturized all day without feeling heavy.

It is also very skin friendly with natural ingredients and being paraben free and having a mild fragrance to it, this body lotion doesn’t mix with my perfume.  The ingredients that it has in this product is hyaluronic acid to retain the moisture, sorbier bud to even out skin tone and katafay extract to help with the texture of your skin, it seems like a reasonable choice to pick this body lotion for the winter.

Now I am usually quite lazy when it comes to putting on my body care, but this year I have noticed the difference in my skin and I will be trying my best to keep up with my routine.  Overall this body lotion is super light on the skin, does not leave a greasy film on my body and doesn’t leave anything on my close as well.  So now that I found a body lotion that I can agree with and actually love using, I will try to be more consistent with my routine.

We all have very busy lives these days but I think taking 5 minutes to pamper yourself with massaging your skin with your fave body lotion, might just help to relax you and say goodbye to your stresses of the day.  So until next time have a good day and I’ll see you here next week my beauties!

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Changing Makeup with the Seasons

As the seasons change the change our skincare, clothing, even our accessories like bags and shoes.  We even change our color of makeup like lipsticks or eye shadow but we don’t change our makeup when our skin changes during the seasons.  You may need to or not and if you’re one of the lucky ones, good for you.  But what if your summer foundation wasn’t as effective in the fall or winter season?  You may need to switch a few things to keep your complexion glowing and looking fabulous all year long.

Here are some reasons why maybe you should think about changing your makeup:

  • Switch powdered highlighter as an blushes to creamier versions to get aid dewy look
  • For drier skin types find a moisturizing foundation or tinted moisturizer if you want a more natural look, to give you that extra boost of moisture
  • When it comes to powders, depending on your skin type we all need a powder to set the makeup and finish the look. There are powders that are moisturizing so it doesn’t fall into fine lines or look cakey.
  • Consider long wearing or waterproof eye makeup like mascara or liners if you’re like me and your eyes tend to water up like mine when it’s cold and windy.
  • And if your lips are like mine and they tend to dry up, think about wearing moisturizing gloss and lipsticks vs. The long wearing ones that tend to dry up your lips.
  • GLITTER! Wear it during the holidays or wear it every day.  Hehehe

This season I will be sticking to my Dior air flash foundation.  But my glosses, eyeliner and my powder will be changing.  I did do a review on this foundation before so I will link it in this article below.  My skin has changed and it feels tight and dehydrated so I just need to change a few things around.  I’d tend not to wear too much eye makeup as my eyes water up when it’s colder.  But one thing that will never change is me wearing my sunscreen.  Always no matter what wear your sunscreen, you may not burn, but the sun still comes out and even if it’s a cloudy day the sun is right behind those clouds.

Thank you for reading this article this week and I’ll see you soon.  Have a good day my beauties!

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Sheet Masks Vs. Mask in a Jar: Which one do you prefer?

sheet masks vs. masks

Masks are not just at the spa anymore.  Today you can find masks of all kinds, sheet masks starting from $2.00 and up and even your classic mask in a jar can start from $10.00 and up.  And every one of every skin type can benefit from a relaxing mask once a week.  Now is the fun part of finding the right mask for you.  The mask world has only gotten bigger and will continue to because of the Korean skincare craze.

When I first started in the beauty industry, you were only able to buy a jar of your favorite mask.  For me it was easy, I bought a clay mask for my super oily skin.  But what if you had skin that changed with the season?  You obviously have to buy a new jar of mask.  Which isn’t a huge issue but you would probably have some left over from your other mask that you say you used in the summer but can use in the winter and by the following year that same that mask that you used last summer was probably not good.

That’s why when a few years ago when the whole korean skincare craze came over to Canada and sheet masks started getting more popular, it was a lot easier to choose a mask that would help you figure out what you should be using.

I’ve only started using sheet masks since last year, because my skin started changing.  I wasn’t sure what to use during the cooler seasons because I would always use a clay mask all year round.  That’s why I got interested in buying several different sheet masks to see what I could use before committing to a jar of a mask that I can actually use.  Sheet masks saved my skin and also helped me make a sound decision to buying my first ever hydrating mask in a jar.

I’m really glad that this part of the skincare industry has gotten a bit easier to choose a mask.  It makes my life and I’m sure yours easier to figure out treatment mask for your skin type whenever it is.  Because to me skincare is very personal and you have to make a good decision about it because you will be committed to that skincare for few months for more.  So while there might be more choices in masks, at least those choices can be made by purchasing a sheet mask or a jar of your favorite mask.

I’ve seen the skincare industry change and change for the better.  There is more choices than ever before and I do love choices. So when you go pick out your next great mask, the only thing you have to ask yourself “do I want a sheet mask or a good jar of one maske?”

Until next week my beauties, have a good day!


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