A Sweet Pure Honey Story and Reivew on Lip Balms

sweet pure honey

I’m sure by now if you have been reading my blog you’ll know I have an unhealthy obsession for lip balms.  Always on the hunt for the best and ones that will keep my lips hydrated and plump looking.  The one thing I can say is that I have been through so many of them regardless of who made them, if it was high price, low price, natural or chemical I have been through all of them.  But you know what’s even better?  Finding one that is homegrown and supporting the Canadian beauty industry even if it’s a small family owned company I can totally get on the board with this.

And these days I do try to use Canadian companies in my makeup and skincare line up.  So I was super excited when a company called sweet pure honey reached out to me to send me not only their lip balms but their solid perfume as well.  They are based Saskatchewan and not only do they make beauty products but they also make handmade soap and sell pure and raw honey in jars.  You know like the honey you can put in your tea?  I always have a good jar of honey in my cupboard for my tea ‘cause I prefer honey over sugar any day.  But we’re not talking about jars of honey, were talking about their lip balms.

Sweet pure honey lip balm and mica lip balm

Maybe I’m a little picky with lip balms or maybe I just want ones that actually work but I can tell you I was totally shook when I’d tried these on.  I’m gonna tell you right now that these lip balms are amazing!  I’m not saying this because their a Canadian Company but I’m saying this because since I found the fresh lip balms many years ago I haven’t found anything else since then until now.  I have literally abandon any other lip balm I was using and only using these two in my rotation now.

So the lip balm with no color, I wear under my lip gloss and at night to repair my lips.  There is a little bit of a scent but nothing overwhelming, just the smell of honey!  And you know what?  There is only two ingredients in this lip balm.  Coconut oil and raw but filtered 100% beeswax.  How simple is this lip balm that works to heal and repair my lips and only using two ingredients?  I’m honestly shocked but at the same time these ingredients are very nourishing and moisturize and very affordable as well.  At only $5.25 it is super affordable and of course don’t forget its Canadian.

Now the lip balm with mica comes in seven different colors and I believe I received the one that’s either the light pink or raspberry but the color is very soft and subtle.  For me this is perfect on my days off or I can wear it under a lip gloss or lipstick to punch up the color a bit. At only $10.50 each they only have three simple ingredients, coconut oil, beeswax and pure mica minerals.

I hope you understand the obsession that I have for finding the perfect lip balm.  Now that I’ve found two great lip balms that I can rely on until this winter season is over, I don’t have to go looking for any other lip balm.  For me that is so relieving to me and my lips!

And that’s not it!  This company especially one of the owners Stella Sehn has given me and offer code for people to read this and one to try their lip balms as well as any other thing that you might like to order from their website.  I will write it down below as well as their website so you can click on it and order away.  And if you type the discount code in the message box you will receive 25% off and only applies to Canadian orders.  So please support this company and show your love to this Canadian, family owned company that literally pores there’ll love into every product.  Have a good day my beauties and I’ll see you next week!

Discount Code: Type in message box and will be manually discounted by company: beautyblog25

For Canadian orders only.

www.sweetpurehoney.ca Click here to go to their site.

sweet pure honey lip balm

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    • You are so welcome! This is one of my top three and i have gone through many. so im pretty tough when picking out a lipbalm.
      Thanks for the positive vibes!

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