Brush or Sponge?


That is the age old question. At least in the cosmetic world. There is no right or wrong answer, just how you go about using them and using them correctly.
Using your fingers will give you a more natural, finished look. The key to doing this properly is by not rubbing too hard on your skin while putting it on. A soft touch and sweeping upwards with your fingers will make the makeup blend easily onto the skin. This method is also good after a long day of work and you need to touch up before going out to dinner and there is no brush in sight to do that. Just make sure your hands are clean.
Sponges are great. You just have to stay on top of them. Like if they start smelling funny or the texture feels off, because of the makeup building up on them, just wash them or toss them. Put a little foundation on the sponge and sweep outwards toward the hairline to blend seamlessly onto skin. And pat lightly where ever you need extra coverage. I do use them on occasion when I am using highlighters (liquid or powder) or if I want extra shine, dabbing on glitter.
When it comes to brushes for foundations, there are a few to choose from. It all depends on what finish you like and also what type of foundation. Generally, you would use the typical, basic foundation brush for foundations that you pump or pour out. I use this brush for my tinted moisturizer by Guerlain. But for a spray foundation, like the Dior airflash, you want a face and body brush, because they tend to be bigger and denser then the usual blush brush. Or a flat and thick headed foundation brush, that way you can spray the foundation on it and sweep it on.



So with that said, I personally use a brush and I’ve always favored them. Why? Because I have oily skin and with oily skin usually comes breakouts. So I do tend to be careful with what I put on my skin. But when someone told me years ago that sponges can keep bacteria in it, which therefore can lead to more breakouts, I was like “Goodbye” and switched over to brushes.
And one more tip. If you are using brushes, try to clean them regularly, as they also have buildup too. You can use baby shampoo, which is great and gentle on brushes. Or you can even purchase the thousands of brush cleaners on the market. This is the one I currently use. Sephora cleansing brush (See picture below)

See you next week beauties!



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