It Started With A Cleanser and Toner

cleanser and toner

It was between the ages of 11-13 that I discovered skincare. Yep I started out that young and I only started with a cleanser and toner. You might be thinking when I was that age, I bought candy and stupid toys or magazines filled with the latest teen heart throbs. I still bought those, but I was more curious about this whole skincare thing more than anything. And the saddest thing was I actually liked having a routine. I love washing my face and putting on my clean and clear toner. I felt all grown up and it felt nice.

Then came the makeup phase where I was only into makeup, not really caring about my skincare routine all that much. But when I was 15 years old, I started breaking out.  Not much at first. But as the years went on, I finally went to a dermatologist in my late teens and that reignited my skincare routine. I went back to cleanser, toner and a vitamin A cream. My skin was very oily at the time, so I used a toner that had 8% glycolic acid to help exfoliate skin and vitamin A to combat the acne and the spots left behind from acne. After that period of intense treatment, just before working in the beauty industry, I again went back to just a cleanser, toner, I would wear a moisturizer once in awhile and eye makeup remover.

Once I entered the beauty industry, it opened up a world of skincare and the endless possibilities of what I could use. For a while I found my regime and it worked for my oily skin.

  • A cleanser
  • A toner twice a day
  • An eye cream day and night
  • A moisturizer one for day and one for night
  • A peel once a week
  • A mask once a week
  • A scrub 1-2 week

Now my skin has changed again and I am experimenting with skincare again. This time I’ m looking for skincare for combination and dehydrated skin. It still gets oily, but its controllable and for the moment I’m not breaking out that much. So I’m free to change up my routine a bit and actually start using a hydrating cream and serum. Or a balancing cleanser and toner. Oh the possibilities are endless. Follow me as I take the plunge into new territory into skincare that ive never used before. It one the few things that doesn’t make me nervous. Its makes me excited to find something new and great. Until next week, have a good one beauties!

skincare regime