The Only and Best Bronzer You’ll Ever Need

Guerlain the best bronzer

It’s officially summer.  Time to bring out the sunscreen, the self-tanner and of course the bronzer.  I have brown skin, so I don’t need the self-tanner.  But the sunscreen and bronzer I can definitely live with.  There are so many out there that even me, a beauty expert can’t decide which to choose.  And every year there is always a new one, a limited edition one and then there’s ones that are liquid or powder.  I could go on about them being shimmery, matte or even a little bit of both.  And yes I do get shinier during the summer, but I don’t wanna wear my powder that helps keep me matte.  I want something that’ll give me that summer glow.  But also won’t add to my shiny problem.

Guerlain terracotta bronzer light in blond #2

That’s why I’m happy to say I found a bronzer that gives me that glow I’ve always wanted, but also keeps my shine at bay.  It is the guerlain terracotta light number two in blond.  This series of bronzers have a multitude of colors.  These bronzers have a mixture of matte and shimmer to them and complementary colors that go together to give you that summer glow.

There is four colors to choose from in this collection.  Ranging from light blond to dark brunette.  I chose blond number two which is the lighter one.  I didn’t want to look to bronzed up, because my oily skin is a factor I have to consider.  Plus I was going to use it all for my face, so I wanted a more natural glow and if I chose the darker one it would probably not look that great once my oils on my face started coming out after a few hours.

The way that I applied it on my face is the “3” application.  You start from the center of your forehead and literally do the number three on either side of your face.  That way your skin gets a nice glow all over and add some on your nose and chin to even out.  For a little more color I add more on my cheeks to finish the look. If you want a more sculpted look, add to jawline and cheeks.

Personally I am new to using a bronzer on myself.  But for many years I effortlessly applied them to my customers who were new to using one or just upgrading from another one that they didn’t like anymore or suit their color.  When looking for a bronzer, ask for help because sometimes it can get bit tricky picking the right color for yourself.  I know they can get a little bit on the orange side and that’s why guerlain has an array of bronzers to choose from.  I mean alot to choose from and that’s why they are probably the best bronzers that I’ve ever come across.  They too have ones that have a more pink hue for women who are fair and ones that have a more deeper colors that aren’t necessarily orange but more of a deep tan tone.

Good luck on your journey to finding that perfect bronzer and if you already have then apply and have a great summer.  Until next week my beauties have a good week!

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